Not much to say here - it's fuckin' FEAR!!!

They've been featured here possibly more than any other band; this recording has good sound as well as a tight set of hits - FEAR in their heyday, if you will - AND YOU WILL…

Fear - W.O.W. Hall, Eugene, OR 09.17.1982
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Probably one of the three hardest records I've ever tried to describe would be "Sea of Unrtest" by San Francisco's own Toiling Midgets.
At some points, it oozes some of the most blissful melody ever, but then the turn-around comes and you find yourself alone, desolate, naked, cold, ugly, and trembling in fear - yet it feels incredibly RIGHT - and the stark solace becomes your (best) frienemy.


There's about a thousand fucking shitty bands that owe this band a paycheck or two, and while they'll never get the credit they deserve, I can rest assured knowing that I've done my part to help you fill in the blanks of (lost & under-appreciated) S.F. punk/hardcore/rock history.

Oh, and by the way, if you need a stiff drink or a cold beer, stop by the Lucky 13 bar in the Castro / S.F. - Craig (guiarist) pours the drinks there a few days a week. I'll see you there.

You can buy me a shot of Hornitos, bitch.

Toiling Midgets - Sea of Unrest.
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