Late night skateboarding in the hot sticky heat.
Long/late night drives in said heat.

This was a staple cassette in my car back in the day, and it still logs a lot of airtime on the iPod at work.
A classic Thrash/Crossover/whatever album for sure; I feel like these guys would have been bigger had they not had such cheesy album covers in their later catalogue.

Their first LP, and still their best.

Home renovation(s) for the last month have made the L-RV pretty much come to a standstill for the most part, but hopefully I'm back on track for my usual massive output of "one-post-per-week" average, ha ha.

Thanks for stopping by, and yes, comments would be nice...

Sacred Reich - Ignorance

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Here's some no-bullshit Swedish Death Metal for you.

David Blomqvist consistently rates up there with the mighty Entombed (in their heyday) on this release, and when you look back at 2006 - the year this was released - he certainly eclipses them in the battle for Swedish DM supremacy at that point.
I loves me some Entombed, but this record is certainly worthy of your time if you haven't experienced these guys before.

Excellent riffs - no spazzy wank, solid melody - no overkill. Just meat & potatoes, Swedish-style...

Dismember - The God That Never Was

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An absolute must-have from these rabid Italian grind masters!

24 tracks of non-stop battering; much like getting pummeled repeatedly in the side of the head with a volcanic-cinder brick, followed up by careeninging down an endless staircase made of broken glass, scraps of rusty metal, then finally coming to "rest" in a puddle of gasoline (and your own filth, of course).

Seriously though, this is some amazing thrashy-grind that stands on its own.

You can't go wrong with the Cripple Bastards...

Cripple Bastards - Variante alla morte

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I'm pretty sure that Lafayette, Indiana is no hotbed of death metal - there are quite a few douchey "famous" musicians from there, Google it - but Kyle Christman doesn't give a shit. While he's got, like, 2 or 3 other flavors of the metal goin' on most of the time, this here is his traditional old-school DM unit.

These guys create a chunky-gurgly din covered in cobwebs & sweat - not unlike my existence lately, which has been covered in metal shavings (work) and drywall dust (home). The kithcen remodel still has me displaced, so the posts will continue to be sporadic for a couple more weeks. Hang in there.
Comments would be great as those seem to be a thing of the past lately as well.

Catatonic Atrocity - Eradication of Humanity

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