Another one of those great mid-western hardcore/thrash/crossover bands from the eighties that should have been appreciated more while they were around. A cult classic these days, this record still stands strong.

See for yourself.

D/L Impulse Manslaughter - He Who Laughs Last... Laughs Alone... right here.

Now playing: Sedition - Who's The Savage?



Absolutely stellar Swedish Grindcore compilation from 2002 that showcases Nasum, Sayyadina, Assel, Sewn Shut, Birdflesh, Asterisk, Regurgitate, Gadget & Arsedestroyer - (some of those names are quite familiar around here).

This is one of those "you can't miss with this one" kind of compilations; one that you don't see around much so jump on it!

D/L "Polar grinder" compilation right here.


I just re-upped the Shipwreck A.D. by request, so go get it!

Probably get something else up here later today as I am on a roll.

Enjoy my insanity...

Now playing: Hellchild - Soul of Purity



While I liked nearly everything that came out in the first-generation of Dischord releases (and hardly ANY of them after that), the split VOID did w/ Ian's little brother's band knocked my young skate-rat ass to my knees and maybe even scared me a little bit.
Yeah, I'd heard Black Flag, but nothing had hit me like that did at the time.

Roll time forward like 20 years and I've been living in S.F. for quite awhile.
I end up meeting Chris Stover - the bass player - at a show at a club I worked at. Nice guy, entertains my fan-boy memories of one of the greatest HC bands that ever walked the face of this earth, etc.
He burns me a CDR of the long-lost "3rd. LP" - needless to say I am pretty stoked.

Move the clock ahead a few more years.
I'm at a parent/teacher "meet-and-greet" potluck thingy at my kids' preschool when I look across the room and damn if I don't see Chris standing there.
His daughter & my son are classmates. We proceed to talk about music and "how good this pizza is".

Anyways, this record is nothing like that split record.
Still, it has it's own charm, and to me, it's a pretty special recording.
I hope you dig it too.
(Comments or dialogue would be nice - it's been pretty devoid of that around here as of late)...

D/L Void - Potion for Bad Dreams right here.

Now playing: Virulence - Kindergarden / Sleep


By request, I re-upped Crossed Out - Discography.

I'm trying to honor requests for re-ups, etc. so let me know if something is down by leaving a msg in the C-box over in the sidebar, do what I can for ya.

Hopefully, I'll post up something new later today; feeling fuckin' lazy on a Sunday afternoon...

*Thanks for the Die Kreuzen, Justin.*

Now playing: Die Kreuzen - Live (Pt. 2)



They've been around for like, ever, and they're still doing it in 2008.
Here's a grand collection of early output by these L.A. powerviolence mongers that you can listen to from start-to-finish with each song sounding unlike the last...

D/L Despise You - West Side Horizons right here.



Many bands claim they are Powerviolence, but if you ask Man Is The Bastard who actually is, they'd tell you that these guys are the real deal - (as well as Apartment 213).
I'd have to agree.

Enjoy one of S.F.'s most notorious bands - these guys live their day-to-day lives even harder & faster than their music.
You've been warned...

D/L Capitalist Casualties - Subdivisions In Ruin right here.

Now playing: Crossed Out - Vacuum



Leaving off where Cursed left us, may I present to you more harsh-toned hardcore bleakness from the Great White North in the form of the highly unsung Acrid.

The members of this band also were in some other amazing fucking bands either before they did Acrid as well as after - Cursed being one, Left For Dead, Chokehold, The Swarm & Grade being some others worth mentioning.

D/L Acrid - Eighty-Sixed (part I) right here.
D/L Acrid - Eighty-Sixed (part II) right here.



Let me start this off by saying that if you don't loooove Cursed, you have no business being here...

These guys know the art of melding low-end heavy with chaotic hardcore in a way that they sound like no one else - what the hell goes on up there in T.O. that spawns such consistently good hardcore? Fuck...

Make sure you buy this when it drops; surely you will not be disappointed!

D/L Cursed - III: Architects of Troubled Sleep right here.

Now playing: Looking For An Answer - Cada Nacimiento Es Una Tragedia


It's time for some controlled chaos from some of the masters in the game - Brutal Truth. What really needs to be said about these guys, huh? Really glad they are back in action, too.
Enjoy this live recording from New Zealand in 1998.

Official Website - slash - DoucheSpace.
Metal Archives.

D/L Brutal Truth - For Drug-Crazed Grind Freaks Only! right here.

Now playing: Napalm Death - Human Garbage



Some seriously awesome blackened death metal with an "indigenous peoples' of Mexico" twist to it, via sacred drums, bones & flutes all up in the mix - along with the Spanish vocals.
Do NOT think Brujeria here, okay?
Heavy and atmospheric and rich with the blood of a million human sacrifices - what???

Official Website.
Metal Archives.

D/L Yaotl Mictlan - Guererros De La Tierra De Los Muertos right here.

Now playing: Doughnuts - Fakir Smile



Hey here's a rad recording from of one of the greatest first-generation hardcore bands of all time, Boston's own F.U.'s from way back in 1982.
I have a feeling some of you may have missed punk rock the first time around - let me tell you, it was pretty rad...

D/L F.U.'s - 10.10.82 WERS, Boston MA right here.

Now playing: D.R.I. - Bail Out

Re-Up: BL'AST!

BL'AST! - The Boner Sessions has now been re-upped.
Let's all thank Max for sending me the files so I could repost it - THANK YOU!

Now playing: Dead Kennedys - Trust Your Mechanic



If you liked Splitter, you'll dig this as well.

More insanely fast technical grindcore with more paint-stripping vocals.

Hot shit from Sweden - what's goin' on over there?

(I dig it)...

Official Website.

D/L Gadget - Remote right here.

Now playing: Cop Shoot Cop - Any Day Now



This record has been flooring me lately.
I've been torturing my co-workers with it all week long.
Seriously intense Swedish grindcore - is there any other kind - with a singer who just can't stop screaming his fucking lungs out on every line he sings.

This is a good thing...

Offical Website.

D/L Splitter - Avskräckande Exemplar right here.

I just want to thank everyone for the encouraging comments and New Years' good wishes.While I may have recovered most of my files, no software is 100% reliable & it seems as though many of my MP3s are corrupted or lost.
Still, I am pretty stoked that I didn't lose my whole collection.

I should be back on track (postwise) from here on out, while at the same time I'll be refining my library / repairing it / finding new gems, etc.

Also, I'd like to thank everyone for sticking around during this last month of mechanical setbacks - your words of encouragement have given me the inspiration to carry on with this blog.

A positive 2008 to us all...

Now playing: Curl Up And Die - The One Above All, The End of All That Is.

Now playing: Snake Nation - Monstrosity