Some of my old partners-in-crime who employ a nice mixture of all things related to Motorhead/Japanese crustcore/blackened death/first-generation HC/Nor-Cal thrash.

I'm having a hard time writing this - probably due to the fact that they fucking slayed 'em all live at Bender's last night.
The copious amounts of booze involved certainly didn't help...

Acephalix on DoucheSpace

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Acephalix - 2009 Demo

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One of the great masters of first-generation hardcore, these Italian thrash monsters transcend the language barrier and make a record that is straight up a fucking classic!
The guitar riffs, bass runs, drum pummel & vocal approach are second to none on this outing; if you've never heard these guys before, please do so now...

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Negazione - ... Lo Spiritu Continua ...

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I have re-upped Starkweather via request from an anonymous visitor.

In the future, I will not publish any anonymous comment, nor will I honor any re-up requests unless you use a name.
I keep this blog pretty personal, so I'd appreciate it if you did the same as well - thanks.

Definitely grab this if you don't already own it as it is metal-genre-bending excercise for your ears & mind...



Wicked-chaotic grindcore from Charm City (Baltimore) MD that strays from the norm.
While they grind like fucking madmen, they also throw some sick fucking leads out there, and the vocals are cold and painful - so soothing!

If you dig the painful strains of Hirudinea, Watchmaker, Raw Radar War, Starkweather - shit like that - well then, you NEED to check these guys out.
Definitely pick up their DEAD HOUSE DREAMING CD - it really hits the spot!

Enjoy this live set from 2005 - I made you some cover art as well.

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Triac - 09.08.2005 WFMU, Jersey City, NJ

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*By the way, if anybody has the Triac - In the Blue Room CDEP/7" ripped, could you PLEASE send me a D/L link? Thanks*



Heavily-blackened "War Crust" out of Seattle WA.
Damn shame they ain't still around; to my ears it seemed like they were just starting to really gel as a unit.
Great riffs and a stark-as-fuck sound that made them stand apart from the legions of the dirty & clad-in-black.

Get this if you don't already have it.

Have a great weekend - I'll be laying up in a small beachfront cottage (complete w/ hot tub) in Stinson Beach, CA all weekend.
Supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny - IN JANUARY, NO LESS!

Ahhhhh.... Global Warming....

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Sanctum - On The Horizon

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You know, when it comes to the whole D-Beat/Crust thing, I am a true fan.
I really am.
The problem is, most bands of said genre don't bring anything new or original to the table.

I guess that's part of the formula - and that's fine and all - but there are a few bands that do set themselves apart from the rest of the back-patch bands.

Selfish is one of them.

These Finlandia rockers mesh creatively heavy riffs, sick leads, and rad "gang-along" choruses.
On top of that, they break away from the pack with COLOR IMAGERY - and it works!

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Selfish - Cause Pain

(If you have anything else by them besides this or the "Tear Silence Into Pieces" Split, PLEASE SEND ME A D/L LINK - thanks!)

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Raging Powerfuckin'violence that the bastard stepchild State of Michigan spewed forth from its fetid loins in the earlier part of this decade.

They came out swinging and laid waste to many in a short period of time, and they seem to get more cred now than they did when they were active - what the fuck, people?

People will be talking about this band in ten years - I guarantee it.

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Threatener - The Hammering, the Fastening and the Bending of Throats

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Commie/Faggot/Hardcore - THEIR description, okay? - from San Francisco via Austin TX.
This was their final output, & I believe it was their third lineup.
Regardless of all that, these guys (and gals) ripped, and were unique in their musical approach to the Hardcore genre as well as their stance on life within the scene.

The guitar tone/playing on this record is fucking KILLER, and you should all own this piece of first-generation hardcore history.

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Dicks - These People

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Let us all now acknowledge a moment of silence for one of rock and roll's GREATEST guitarists of all time.

Lo-Res Viscera will be back with the rock tomorrow.

In the meantime, turn up The Stooges way hella loud and think about how fucking shitty the world of rock would be if Ron's musical legacy wasn't a part of our lives...

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I was SUCH a man when I was taking down my Xmas lights today...

Seriously though, the holidays are OVER, and we all have to go back to "full" work weeks. No more of these extra days off to eat/drink/sleep too much, right?


Here's a wonderful little gem from a band that I can't believe it took this long for them to finally make their debut on the L-R V! This live recording is from early on in their existence, in front of a great crowd here in the SFC, and as usual, I made you some nice artwork that's already imbedded in the files, pal.

Download and enjoy.

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The Minutemen - 10.26.1981 Mabuhay Gardens, SF, CA / KUSF 90.3FM Simulcast

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Well, here's to a new year, a new Administration here in the U.S., your good health & prosperity, etc.

I guess now is the time once again to say THANK YOU to all of you out there who I have made friends with through this blog.
All your meaningful comments have made doing this blog just that much more fun for me to continue doing this thing.

This blog has never been about being cool/being first with the early leak/etc.
It's just been something I like to do, that is, share great music, get the stories in my head out, & flex my Photoshop muscles at the same time!
So, to all of you, I say thanks for putting up with my obsessiveness.

Keep the stories, info, requests & comments coming my way - THANKS.

Now on to the first post of 2009...

Willful Neglect were a very early 80's HC band from the Twin Cities area that may have gone unheard by many. A powerful and unique sound emanated from these guys - they didn't sound like the other "more famous" bands from the area - and all this kick-ass racket from a bunch of 20 year olds.

Truly a record you should all have in your "classic" HC collection.

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Willful Neglect - 1982-1984

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