After much thought, I have decided to "call it a day" here at the Lo-Res Viscera.

A few weeks ago, MediaFire neutered 90% of my links - thusly, nearly all posts are dead.

In a way, it is for the better.

Almost 5 fucking years for a blog is a good run, but sadly, the Feds seem to think that SOME of us who actually give a shit about the bands that we WRITE about is a crime - THAT IS A FUCKING CRIME.

This blog was never about leaking garbage put out by mainstream labels, nor was it about undercutting a band's profits - most all the bands I ever wrote about were just like you & me (I would assume).
In the end LO-RES VISCERA was just a place I could do a bit of ranting, and flex my (lack of) "wordsmithing skills" about how much a certain band meant to me on a given day in my life, and if anyone else out there felt the same way, it was nice to hear from you.

For the time being, I'm gonna keep the blog up - not sure what links are still active, but have at it. I'm gonna take a bit of time off, maybe team up w/ some other bloggers - (anybody want / need a hand?) - and then when I am (mentally) ready to attack the internets again (and can figure out a system that won't be nuked by "Big Brother") I will be back in a new form.

Keep The L-R V in your RSS Reader / Google Reader / Facebook Feed for further updates!
As far as Facebook goes, I will be keeping that page up, & updating it from time to time w/ music, videos, info, etc. You can still always reach me via the orange contact button floating over there on the left hand margin, by the way - don't bother asking for re-ups though, okay?

Once again, thank you for being a loyal reader (or leecher) all these years.



Something a bit different this time, an early Eighties classic "pre-noise rock" record all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand…

The Gordons were a three-piece that melded bombastic sheets of noise with power & melody. Somewhat akin to a band like Gang of Four, but with a deeper element of energy, chaos & suspense.
I'd be surprised if you've never heard them / heard of them, but if not, here's a perfect opportunity to hear a timeless record that I - maybe even YOU - will find is an easy listen right next to anything else featured here on the L-RV...

The Gordons - The Gordons / Future Shock EP



Redwood City, California is known these days as being the home of tech giants like Oracle & Electronic Arts, as well as being the city that housed Patty Hearst in jail only to be kidnapped by the SLA back in the day.
More importantly though, it is (in)famous for being the breeding ground for the immensely stoned & incredibly riff-laden powerviolence / grindcore heavy weights Plutocracy.
Sinister sounds of pain, fear, and psychosis fill your ears (along with plenty of movie samples) on this must-have collection of one of the greatest PowerViolence bands that ever was.

Rest In Peace, Stinkweed & Big Boy Dan.

You will be / are missed...

Plutocracy - Discography



Absolute classic album here, folks.

This is the sound of pain & suffering - for me it is an elixir that quenches "the ugly of the beast within". This record has BEEN THERE for me on so many occasions, and probably for you too, if you're a regular reader / leecher of the L-R V.

There's been alot of Sludge Bands over the years, and they all take a little bit from this record right here. Whether it be the look, or the sound, these filthy NOLA boys got it right before anyone else - because IT was REAL. Times have changed & so have their lifestyles a bit - that's a good thing. Dive into the abuse...

Eyehategod - Take As Needed For Pain

With a new year upon us, it's time for a new format around here.
This is not how I want it, but something has to be done if this blog is to survive.
Online file hosts are being pressured into locking down links as quick as they go up, so until further notice, the titles of my posts will no longer mention the name of the band. Hopefully this will help a bit.
Also, there will be no mention of where the link is - just check the comments.
If anyone has a better suggestion than this, let me know.

I want to shut this down every day, but not as much as I want to keep it up & running…



There's nothing to hide behind here, and it's not like Fred Cole needs to - motherfucker lays his whiskey-soaked soul out there on the regular - his wife Toody by his side, each of them slinging & swinging their rock-axes through the depths of murky vulnerability.

In the end, they always come through, and if there's one dude in rock 'n' roll who is on the same level that Lemmy is, legend-wise (it certainly ain't Ozzy any more, son), it's Mr. Fred Cole. Dude has been slugging it out on the stage for 48 years now, and the plan is that THERE IS NO PLAN (other than to keep laying it down on the daily until the day he dies).

With soul power like this, there's no need to worry about the immediate future from what I can tell.

Dead Moon - Hard Wired in Ljubljana
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