I've been sitting on this one for a while now; it's so fucking good that I have had a hard time trying to figure out just how to describe this…

Japan has been home to some of the most brutal (and beautiful) bands on the planet - this band is a precursor to 324 - one of my favorite grind bands of any era.

While the grind rears it's underappreciated head in small doses on this here release, what you get most of the time is some solid thrashy/heavy/death-infused metal - all with a crazed, Japanese neanderthal screaming some beautiful guttural-speak over the top. It goes from heavy one minute, to stony as fuck the next. A great fucking record that to these ears would seem to be an inspiration to other Japanese bands like Swarrrm, 324, Taiho, Greenmachine, etc.

Fits great next to those expensive & out-of-print Hellchild records neither you or I own…

Eroded - In

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In 1988, nothing mattered to me - except for my skateboard, my cassette collection, my woman, my weed, & my next issue of Thrasher Magazine.

Each month, I used to read & re-read each issue of that legendary skateboard magazine - (who didn't?). In those days, Pushead did the music writing for them - and like many of you who are of my generation - I found myself delving deeper & deeper into the underground hardcore / metal scenes around the world via the "Puszone" column each month.

Thusly, that is where I first discovered Prong.

The guitar riffs on this thing are all so fucking strong; compelling you to bang your head one minute, & then circle-pit your ass off the next. The bass is bottom heavy w/ a resounding thud, and the drumming is fucking epic - heavy & on-point - yet full of subtle nuances that transcend much of what the crossover scene was doing back then.

The cover art upon first sight was so stark and burly to me - I was heavily into Cro-Mags & Agnostic Front & C.o.C. at this time, so this was a logical next-step (musically) for me. It sounded like nothing else I'd heard before.

Prong did one more record after this that I (sorta) liked, 1990's "Beg to Differ", which contained a cool Pushead cover, a few rippers & a bunch of polished, homogenized tunes that didn't hold that same raw & unbridled power - it was a sign of what was to come for the band - and I didn't bother to follow them any more after that.

This record still holds its own as a unique-sounding NY crossover gem that gets overlooked at times. For a little indie-released record that didn't have much (if any) budget behind it, the mix is very strong, everything is loud in the mix, yet balanced nicely. Certainly grab this if you don't have it already.

Prong - Force Fed

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Absolutely one of the finest "hardcore" bands there ever was.

They sounded like no one else before them, and a million bands have fallen short of the mark of trying to emulate their sound (which came from pure anguish, feeling, pain, & emotion). The crumbing concrete eroding in Mr. Maggio's throat is testament to that, and the guitar tones / riffs are some of the most unique I've (still) ever heard. Fast, heavy, metallic, core-as-fuck? It's all here...

You really should have everything by these guys, and if you don't already, i'd be completely surprised. Alas, this record needs to be celebrated, so have at it.

Rorschach - Remain Sedate

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You can't go wrong with - (nor can you be a true fan of the rock) - if you don't have some Motörhead in your collection…

While you probably have a shit-ton of it (as do I), I find these recordings from the "On Parole" re-issue super-intriguing in the fact that this session sounds like boozy "bar rock" - but in a way that sounds good, ya know?
Much more of a 50's / 60's rock style coming from this - the original lineup - than the airborne volume machine that they would become shortly thereafter.

A nice touch, for sure, and something every fan of the band should own.

Motörhead - On Parole: The Dave Edmunds Tracks

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While this is a band I lost interest in eons ago, and this is also a record that was far from my favorite, it did have it's moments - unfortunately, their weren't many due to the lack of bottom end, etc.

We all know and love Cliff Burton, but Jason Newsted had a brass set of huevos for walking away from a bunch of egomaniacal limp-dicks who whined & pissed & moaned over trivial problems that people like you and me have to deal with on a daily basis.

For that alone, I back the dude, & can honestly say that Lars & James can eat a big fat bag of cancerous dicks. Learn how to play the fucking drums, and see if you can remember how to write a sick riff - never mind…
Anyways, there are rumors that this was done by a fan who boosted the bass levels to bring Jason up in the mix where he belongs, while others say the bass tracks were lifted from Guitar Hero or somethin' like that.

Either way, it is an interesting little collector's item.

Metallica - …And Justice for Jason

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(It'll be interesting to see how long this link stays up)…



Not a lot I can tell you about these guys other than the fact that they've been around since 1982, and play an aggressive rockin' version of Thrash.
This may sound weird, but their singer totally reminds me of a whisky-and-Marlboros-hoarsed-out Matt Pike at times - yes, I realized these guys precede High On Fire by like, um 15 years or something - but maybe 'Ol Frost Hammer is a fan of these guys? Who knows?

What I do know is that this is a hard-as-fuck CD to find, and these guys fly way under the radar.
If you love Japanese metal / HC, you should be diggin' this little gem as well.
More unique flavor from the Far East, bro.

Raging Fury - Raging Fury

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