Swedish (heavy) crustcore featuring male / female vocals (try and guess who's who) that somehow stays away from most of the usual crusty trappings.
Quite melodic without being pussy, and while they do venture into the realm of "D-Beat", they somehow pull it off without sounding like "that one Discharge song".

Good shit that I just can't seem to stop listening to lately.

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Mässmörd - Unleashed

Now playing: Medication Time - Blasphemy's Child



A staple back in the Nineties as far as Bay Area doomy sludgecore went, I'm thinkin' people appreciate them now more than they did back in the day.
I saw them play quite a few times over the years at some seriously fucked up house parties / warehouses, etc. and I just have to say that I MISS THEM.
(And the way the Mission music scene used to be in general).

Here's a kick-ass radio set, enjoy.

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Noothgrush - KZSU / Palo Alto CA 05.01.1996

Now playing: Acrid - Mindspasms



Thrashy, sludged-out stoner metal complete with a million "Conan the Barbarian" audio clips interspersed between twisting-of-the-radio-dial and coke snort samples.

A fun record that works best with headphones on as it is full of nuances left and right - this just came out, so don't be a ballbag -buy it!

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Crom - Hot Sumerian Nights

Now playing: Gorgoroth - Possessed (by Satan)



These guys were pretty far out - and ONE OF THE BEST - as far as hardcore in the 80's goes. Here's a few facts about what you're about to get into...

They were from Kent, Ohio and lived on a punk / hippie commune.
They had a communal home with no doors, and a giant fire pit outside.
These guys were into wheat grass and wheat meats back before it "part of the scene", and they were on fire politically due to Reagan Administration running shit into the ground.

Jimi Imij was the singer.
He was also in a "more famous" hardcore band called ODFX that had a cut on the "International P.E.A.C.E. comp" - I'll probably post that sometime at a later date.

Boom was the drummer.
Boom was not really a vegan/veggie dude, and used to have a "hidden cupboard" where he stashed his Snickers and Doritos.
He turned down a steady gig with the Crucifucks to play with these guys.
He went on to play in the previously-posted Boom & the Legion of Doom.
Boom was arrested for kicking over the four memorial stones at Kent State University.

He is also - allegedly - the illegitimate son of Hustler's own Larry Flynt.

Listen to this.

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Plasma Alliance - We Can't Wait

Now playing: Mico De Noche - Rancho Ramona



While Corpus Christi, TX may not be known as a hotbed for hardcore or metal bands, it did spawn a truly great thrashcore/crossover/whatever band in the form of Angkor Wat.

Great fucking riffage; all choppy and shit.
Fits perfectly next to that Beyond Possession record.

You should fucking own this.

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Angkor Wat - When Obscenity Becomes the Norm... Awake!

Now playing: Watch Me Burn - Infect



Hardcore-gone-jazz straight outta Salt Lake City.
They were on Revelation and Victory back in the day, yet they weren't really a hardcore band. Shit got even weirder after this record - which is jazzed-out-to-the-max. Good stuff to expand your mind (and your collection), check it out!

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Iceburn - Poetry of Fire

Now playing: Jenny Piccolo - Traction Reaction



Decent collection of unreleased material, Peel Sessions, early kick-ass stuff and more from this one-of-a-kind New York noise unit.
These guys came on the scene and killed it pretty hard for a few records before various substances and egos reared their ugly head and killed it all.

I doubt we'll ever see another band like these guys. We definitely won't see another precussion specialist like the way Phil Puleo used to bang on the various pieces of steel hanging from a rack, etc.
A band like this would go unappreciated by most if they came "on the scene" these days...

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Cop Shoot Cop - Standards of Evidence 1990-1995 Pt. I

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Cop Shoot Cop - Standards of Evidence 1990-1995 Pt. II

Now playing: Dissonance - Toast To The Good Life



What can you really say about the Misfits that hasn't been said before.
At this point, you must have been living under a rock for the past 20 years if you haven't heard them before.
Classic hardcore - possibly their finest moment being the "Earth A.D" era.
Anyways, here's a great-sounding recording from The Misfits very first live gig from way back in 1978...

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The Misfits - 12.20.1978 Max's Kansas City, NYC

Now playing: Out Cold - The Golden Age Of Psychobabble



Early 80's violent/drug-addled/mentally-disturbed/slightly inbred/butcher-as-a-day-job/chaotic hardcore freaks from the predominently "born-again/ cult of Amway" western side of Michigan.
Never really appreciated or accepted by "the scene", they eventually made their way out to San Francisco - only to be (for the most part) unaccepted here as well.

Some members have returned to the backwoods of MI, while others linger on in perpetual SF punker limbo.
Others have moved to Hawaii and become real estate magnate-slash-artists.

Rumor has it there will be a reunion in the fall of this year in S.F.

(If it weren't for these guys, I may not have made the move from MI to SF - thanks Smelly).

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Boom & the Legion of Doom - Hate to Love, Love to Hate

Now playing: Brainoil - Wielding Strength



Tokyo motherfuckin' grindrebel K-I-N-G-S, bitch.

These guys are hard to beat.

Enjoy this shit as it may be a bit slow around here over the weekend.
We have house guests from the ATL that i don't really dig on - their friends of the lil lady - but hey it's cool. Except they are staying in my office so I probably won't have much time to work on the L-R V.

*Oh yeah - I got prescription glasses today. Kinda weird...

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324 - Rebelgrind

Now playing: Imperial Crystalline Entombment - RÂvaskeith's Revenge



Tight, heavy and relentless "D-Beat" - what a pussy-sounding name for such a tough-guy genre of punk, huh?) - from Sweden.
These guys have been at the forefront of the crustcore scene since 1982, and are still killing it today.

(This record was sounding really fucking good tonight during "beer drinking practice", so I thought I'd share)...

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Avskum - Crime & Punishment

Now playing: Raw Power - Start A Fight



Another hard-to-find Boner Records recording, this time it's Hell's Kitchen featuring former members of Fang and The Boneless Ones.
That should be enough information for you to figure out what this sounds like, right?

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Hell's Kitchen - If You Can't Take The Heat...

Now playing: Paw - Learn To See


Well, FäTI was diggin' around in the way back section of the L-R V again, and since he asked so nicely, I've re-upped The Accüsed - More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral.

This is easily one of my 5 favorite albums ever, so FUCK YES I'm gonna share...



How is it that Chris Colohan has only ever been in rad bands?

It's fucking amazing the track record that guy has - damn shame that Cursed called it a day recently - but I'm sure it won't be long before the dust settles and the core players involved will come screaming out of the gates of hardcore hell once again.

Here's some "classic" Canadian HC from the dudes who brought you bands like Fucked Up, Left For Dead, The Swarm, & Career Suicide as well as Cursed.

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Ruination - Year One

Now playing: Warhammer 48K - Accidental Haunted House Abortion


If ears had bowels they'd shit themselves after listening to this.

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Man Is The Bastard - Mancruel

Now playing: Mesrine - Richard Blass

Re-Up: DRUNK INJUNS (again).

Fäti McGrüder asked for it, and so shall he receive...

This is the third time I've re-upped Drunk Injuns - Frontside Grind and hopefully, it will stay up this time around.



The Kings of all things Crust.

Get this.

(Like there's anything I can say about these guys that you haven't read somewhere else before)...

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Amebix - No Sanctuary: The Spiderleg Recordings

Now playing: Iceburn - Discolor (Live)




When it comes to the Japanese masters of doom/sludge, it's hard to pick a favorite as these guys consistently put out a ton of weighty material - all of it being superior to most of the genre.

Here's an excellent recording from a 2005 live performance you don't see posted much.
I wish I could give you more info about "Live at Fandango 2005", but like many things Corrupted, it is a mystery...

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Corrupted - Live at Fandango, Kyoto Japan 09.24.2005

*** UPDATE 07.06.2008 -
Proper info courtesy of reader Ben A. lurking around the 'webernet and tracking it down at the amazing Condensed Fresh blog added.
Made a new cover w/ the correct date as well. Update your ID3 tags in your iTunes, bitches.

Now playing: Meanwhile - Wipe Out