I have been obsessed with these guys once again - it's nice when the internet gets all "Zer" on you and stokes you by re-awakening you to bands you forgot about cuz your hard-drive is nearly 400GB deep…

Heavy yet catchy, this is classic old-school death metal with an in-your-face quality that I find quite enjoyable - the guitar tones on this are excellent / interesting ones - who plays a Tele in the death metal world, right? I dig that (I own one, as well as a Les Paul) about these Austrian madmen - a bit of bucking-the-trend, etc.

To (loosely) quote Bob Slydell, I myself "celebrate their entire catalog"...

Pungent Stench - For God Your Soul… For Me Your Flesh

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One of my all-time favorite bands, this should not come as a surprise to many of you - it's most likely one of your favorites as well, no?

Hellchild bridged the gap between hardcore & thrash/death/grind with a sense of intelligence - even their burliest/heaviest/grindy-est moments came off with a painstakingly-heartfelt precision.
There was a lot of soul running deep in the work they put out there, and Harakawa is the fucking BEST when it comes to gutturals in my opinion.
His pipes bellow the most beautiful of all pain, desolation, madness, sadness & anguish I have ever known.

If you didn't already, you certainly won't now - this is for the rest of US.

Hellchild - Circulating Contradiction

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Seein' as it's Sunday and all, let's get a taste of some straight-up rippin' thrash from these Little Rock, Arkansas metal "warriors for that God guy"…

Whether you are believer in that kind of stuff or not, there is no denying that this is a sick record. I'd say this is the Christian metal world's equivalent of Slayer's "Reign in Blood". There are many similarities, but it still has something all it's own. Nice old school rhythmic thrash riffs, better solos than Kerry King on most days, and lyrically they aren't bellowing in my ear to join them on their walk with Christ, so it's all good with me…

Living Sacrifice - Living Sacrifice

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Sorry for the lack of updates lately - my life has been consumed by THIS for the last month. I've been doing nothing but logging hours at work shipping, co-ordinating, lifting, packing & all the other logistics behind it. If you're into skateboarding, definitely check it out, it is fucking killer, and we're all proud of it.

Thanks for sticking around - all four of you, ha ha.