While I can easily say I was never a real fan of the hardline movement in HC - I can respect what you feel, bro, so respect mine too - there is something about this Bay Area female-fronted / sXe / vegan crew that compels me.

Call me a dick if you want, but I'm not really a fan of female vocalists in heavy music. Eva Genie, on the other hand, can seriously belt it out in a throat-shredding fashion that doesn't sound contrived or wimpy, and while they may not be the most original (the sub-genre itself is musically limited in many ways but is very enjoyable when done properly), they create a powerful dynamic that works well - especially with the choice of segue samples, etc.

They may not have been the greatest musicians, but the passion is what drove this band, and one can only wonder what they would sound like if they stayed together.

It's fucking hardcore, ya know? Love it or leave it.

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Gather - Beyond the Ruins

*This is my last post until next week - not that I've been that prolific in the posting department the past few months*

I'm heading up to Seattle (for a long "romant-ick" weekend w/ the lil lady) to visit some old friends, sk8 a bit, possibly see Blaine Acc├╝sed's band TOE TAG & eat a burger from his restaurant, maybe buy some used CD's, definitely eat some good food & drink some good beer, buy a bunch of shit I don't need, drive around in the (new) Dodge Charger I rented, swim in the hotel pool, etc. A well-needed break is coming my way!



Between going back-to-school-shopping, doing laundry, migrating my son's bedroom furniture down the hall into another room, watching the Giants game (sucked), trying to figure out what to make for dinner, etc. I found the time to go through my hard-drive, and I found what may be a complete discography for Madison, WI's finest hardcore band. There's also some live shit on here - possibly ripped it from VHS, who knows - but it fucking rips.

I'm pretty sure this was something I grabbed off Soulseek - from whom I'm not sure, but thank you for compiling this - as it is a must-have for any Midwestern HC purist!

While this may not be the greatest-sounding collection out there, you should remember that THIS IS REAL hardcore - no rules apply, son. Once you get your head around that, sit back and revel in the unparalleled chaos that was Mecht Mensch.

There's a (million) reason(s) bands like this didn't/couldn't last, all YOU have to do is L-I-S-T-E-N.

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Mecht Mensch - Discography '82-'83



Absolutely stellar early-ass primitive brutallic death stylings from our Neighbors to the North.

The true beauty of this band/record is the fact that these guys weren't really emulating anyone else's sound, and I'm pretty sure there wasn't much of a Brutal Death scene up there when they were cranking this madness out. Unique tones, insane vocalage, riffs that must be fun as hell to play, etc.

I gotta say this fits good between your Master / Kreator records, without sounding like either of those two - just real good company, yo.

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Slaughter - Strappado



Recently, some folks have been having troubles caused by Malware courtesy of Link-Protector.com


They have always been a good service to me, as it counts the number of downloads per link, whilst making sure that no one can jack my upload link for their inferior blog. They've usually been pretty stable, but in the past few months, every now & then, they start adding pop-up bullshit - not just your typical ads - and the only way to get out of it is to reboot.
It is fucking LAME and I am sorry for the inconvienience.

I have - (sorta) sadly - decided to no longer use the service.
If they went to a paid-user system to make it ad-free for you guys, I would gladly pay for the service to NOT crash your shit every time you try to access a link through them - ARE YOU LISTENING, LINK-PROTECTOR.COM?

In the meantime, if you are having trouble accessing ANY of the links on the L-R V, just email me directly - my email is in the side bar - and I will send you a direct link.

Maybe someday I will go back and move each link, but the real world affords me much less time for this than I'd like.
I give a fuck about what I put out there AND what my readers are up to - I love hearing from you guys - so let me know if there's anything I can do to make to make your Lo-Res Viscer(al) experience "just that much better".

*Thanks for listening*



Here's an excellent-sounding live-in-the-studio/interview FM broadcast for your collection.
As usual, I made you some choice artwork, etc.
The band plays a tight set with Kira on bass - this was recorded shortly after MY WAR was released. Greg's tone is absolutely fucking amazing! The interview portion of the program is pretty entertaining as well as it seems as though the band was "behaving" or trying to be somewhat "professional".

Bill Stevenson is a MAJOR (t)ripper, dude.

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Black Flag - 07.11.1984 "Radio Tokyo" Studio, Los Angeles, CA



Did you know that soccer is hardcore/metal as fuck?

In the case of Santa Monica's Cryptic Slaughter it was!

These young So-Cal teen ragers met whilst playing in a youth soccer league before turning into one of the premiere standouts of the "crossover" genre.

Here's their lightning fast & core-as-fuck first album that still stands the test of time 23 years later.

There's a certain element of fury & angst shown here that seems to be missing from alot of metal/core bands these days that is present on this recording - see for yourself, whydontcha?

*(This shit fits perfectly between "Horrified" and "Animosity")*

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Cryptic Slaughter - Convicted


It's hard for me to believe that I would still be going strong at this point.
I've done ALOT of blogs over the years, and I think I've finally found the speed/material that works for me - hopefully my ride has been fun for you as well.

While I haven't posted quite as often as I wish I could, I try to post records that are meaningful/under-appreciated/lost classics more often than not.
I like to geek out tweaking images I've found on Google of the bands. Sometimes a cool picture to fuck with inspires the post - what can I say, I love to fuck around in Photoshop!

I've made some cool friends with this blog, as well as made some contacts with some of the bands; also just as important is the fact that ALL the blogs I have linked to in the sidebar I can honestly say are great people who share the same lust for music that I do.
We don't all have the same taste - mine is questionable on most days - but that's what makes "the hunt" so fun, right?

Anyways, I'm gonna go back to my ice cream before it all melts, but I thought I'd say THANK YOU to those of you who stop by - your comments are always appreciated!
While I may not always reply to the dialogue, I certainly enjoy the stories that you share with me, and that in turn has inspired many a post here as well - keep those comments/suggestions coming!


(There's more to come).