Every now and then when I'm rummaging through my music collection I come across stuff that I have no clue as to when I got it, let alone even knowing what it sounds like - does this ever happen to you? Anyways, I was just checking this out, and the best I can tell is that it is Belgian in origin and is a fucking crazy mix of technical death-grind-thrash. Really interesting/chunky riffage, complete with some seriously off-kilter time changes that totally work without coming off like that spastic art-noise-grind (fake) shit that seems to be popular with the kids nowadays.

If anyone has a rip of their latest record "Telesis", send it my way please.

(And now back to my ice cream)

D/L Emeth - Reticulated right here.

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My homie Jebus Zombiechrist was asking for "Focus" by Cynic, but it's not too hard to find it around the 'ol webernet, so I figured I throw up not one but THREE different demos of the legendary-and-underrated tech/death metal masters.

D/L 3 Demos by CYNIC right here.

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Some rare as fuck early 90's Seattle hardcore for you.

One of my favorite hardcore records ever, this one feels like it is actually from the 80's to me, and as far as Seattle hardcore goes, I pretty much only need these guys and The Acc├╝sed and I'm all set.

This fucking rips.
One of the best band names ever as well...

D/L Aspirin Feast - How Do You Call The Cops On The Cops? right here.

By unanimous request...

Here's the other Aspirin Feast 7" for you - Police Beat.

Enjoy more from the lost classic of a HC band, and kudos to you for having "good taste"!

D/L Aspirin Feast - "Police Beat" right here.

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Grabbed this off Soulseek last night - the release date is mid-April - and gave it the true test of a late night ghetto-cruise around S.F.
Needless to say it passed my test as I played it again this morning on my way to a bike ride in Golden Gate Park.

This record is MUCH better than "Confrontation" - which wasn't all that bad - but coming off of "A Deleted Symphony"...well, THAT record (and their previous output) is hard to beat in my eyes.
Good to see that these guys have come to be a cohesive unit once again after years of (huge) personal setbacks, etc.

*The only thing I do not like about this record is the incredibly shitty cover artwork*

D/L Soilent Green - Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction right here.



Posted up that split these Japanese dark thrash-crust underlords did with Hellshock a while back; here is their first release from back in 1999.
Raw, heavy, cold and they even get a bit psychedelic at times!

(Only the Japanese can get away with that kind of shit).

D/L Effigy - Evil Fragments right here.

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Recently dug this one up from a box in my garage; forgot how fucking good metalcore was before they called it metalcore. Saw these dudes with 108 and the mighty Coalesce way the fuck back in the day.
Still one of the best shows I ever attended. Great fucking record!

D/L Bloodlet - Eclectic right here.

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Back in the early 80's New Jersey seemed to be a musical hot bed for some of the classic HC bands, and A.O.D. is definitely at the top of the class of which I speak.

Some of my earliest (and fondest) memories of listening to HC came from a million-times duped cassette of these guys. I would play that timeless cut "Rock and Roll Gas Station" over and over again prior to a heavy gnar-bucket grind session on some poor unsuspecting curb back in Detroit. Still good stuff - curb sessions & classic HC music, that is!

(This one goes out via request to Jebus / Zombiechrist).


D/L Adrenalin O.D. - Themes (Rare & Unreleased 1982 Demos) right here.

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As per Huansoahn's request, the Impulse Manslaughter - Live at WFMU 1983 link has been re-upped. You can all now go thank Justin for the link, and check his site out. Great writing going on over there...

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Another favorite that has been on my "drive to work" rotation for some time now, the U.K.'s Scalplock plays a dicey version of political crust-violence that calms the savage beast within me at my 7am drive time...

D/L Scalplock - Spread the Germs... Over The Human Worms right here.

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Back in the day, I would take these long late-night road trips in my car to skate in other people's cities. This record was definitely the soundtrack to many of those road trips. The cover art was something I really gravitated towards as I still like to draw crazy shit like this.
I don't know, this record is like some 20-odd years old now and I still dig it.

D/L Bolt Thrower - In Battle There Is No Law right here.

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As per Nano247's request, I have re-upped Beyond Possession - Is Beyond Possession a fucking beast of a record!

(New post in a day or two, the real world has been kicking my ass lately).

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As per brother Jebus' request I have re-upped Bathtub Shitter - Dance Hall Grind, so go grab this "tasty" shit-blast masterpiece if you don't already have it.

My brother is coming from Detroit to visit for week starting tomorrow, plus my kid turns 5 this weekend, so it might be a bit slow around here as I'll be busy playing Nor-Cal tour guide and eating all kinds of fine cuisine, etc. If I get my shit together, I'll try to post up.

Don't forget to wipe (or whatever).



In the late 90's there was an all-female band from Sao Paulo, Brazil that played some solid hardcore you may not have heard. Well, now is your chance to check them out.
This was just released on 625thrash records, so definitely BUY IT. I picked my copy up for less than $13 shipped from RevHQ.
Here's the whole discography from these blazingly hot Brazilian hardcore-thrash queens.
I was really glad this collection has seen the light of day as they have been a favorite band of mine for years now.

(Dibs, yo)...

D/L Infect - Complete Discography 1998 - 2003 right here.

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