Awesome "joke thrash" from San Antonio, and what a rippin' slab it is!

Hard to believe this thing is 20 years old; still dig it as much today as I did the first time I heard it. I actually own test pressings of two of their records. They were given to me by an old friend who was "just gonna throw them out".
The sad (or is it "ironic") thing about this "joke" is how fucked the state of the Iran / U.S. relationship still is. That will never change though I'm pretty sure, but enough of the heavy talk - let's just fucking thrash!

D/L Fearless Iranians from Hell - Holy War right here.

*check back as I'll be posting more stuff from the Boner Records catalog in the near future.*

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One of the greats of the early S.F. hardcore / thrashcore / skatecore scene, here's a fucking great live show from the one and only Verbal Abuse.
These guys continue to kill it from time to time over the years, and they (still) never disappoint.

D/L Verbal Abuse - Ruthie's Inn, Berkeley CA 04.04.1986 right here.

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I'd say "old school Pittsburgh thrash", but this stuff is just old.
A favorite of mine that I seemingly replace every four or five years due to misplacement, hard drive failure, and "friends" stealing it, etc. Although it's getting harder to find these days, I still managed to find it on Soulseek/suck once again last night.

The fat guy with the Flying V in the shitty only-picture-of-them-I-could-find is "Rockin' Jeff Cherub" of the infamous Submachine, a band I will post later who in their own right fucking slay, albeit more in a drunken hardcore fashion. I actually tattooed this guy many years ago and haven't seen him since. Great guy, Jeff. The "other" Pig Champion!

Bad-ass "Yinzer Thrash" for you on a lazy Sunday morning, enjoy!

D/L Doomwatch - A Symphony of Decadence right here.


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There's not alot of things I like about the Lone Star State, but these hardcore motherfuckers from Austin are definitely one thing I do dig - alot.

You pretty much can't go wrong with any of their releases, and I kind of liken them to something like a more violent-sounding / highly political Poison Idea (War All the Time - era) in the approach to their sound.

More contemporary hardcore should be this good...

D/L World Burns To Death - The Sucking of the Missile Cock right here.

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Kind reader Mr. T (can you believe Mr. T stops by the L-R V? Word!) was asking for that long-lost classic LP by Sac-town sk8 drunk-rock kings TALES OF TERROR and somehow I found this one late last night on Soulseek. This record has eluded me for many years via poor sound quality, incomplete D/L's, etc.
Now the truth can be told!
I hope you all enjoy this legendary piece of skaterock history, as they don't make bands like this any more.

(Got my wisdom teeth pulled today so I'm going back to the couch to "ride this Darvocet trip out. Come to think of it, THIS RECORD IS PERFECT WITH DARVOCET !!! All this from a sXe dude)...

D/L Tales of Terror - Tales of Terror right here.

Now playing: Tales of Terror - Possession



Hard to believe I haven't posted anything by one of my favorite musicians ever - Roky Erickson.
Here's a great collection of some rare takes from one of the greatest musical freaks around.

(I totally want to party with this dude)...

D/L Roky Erickson - Love to See You Bleed right here.

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Not much I need to say about these guys.

I will say that this record came out in 1981, I bought it as a young skate-rat in 1983, and played the fuck out of it for years to come.
Still do.
I like the black-and-white cover as I feel it goes right along with the music. It's easy to say this could be one of the very first true hardcore records.
I really liked these guys alot, even remember seeing them on the early-morning "Today Show" on TV one day before going to school.
Hated everything about these dudes musically and whatnot after New Day Rising came out.

This is a record any fan of hardcore - and shitty demo-tape sound quality - should enjoy, or at least check out.

D/L Hüsker Dü - Land Speed Record right here.

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Just found this in a stack of long-lost CD's in my garage.
Forgot how good this was.
Hate it to call it "screamo - violence", but this is definitely on the edge of all that, and at one time "screamo" wasn't such a bad word right?
Maybe not...

(Forget about my description and just give it a listen. I just got home from a long and dirty day at work, and I'm staring some homemade lasagna in the face).

D/L Reversal of Man - Discography right here.



Early stuff from one of the better bands on Relapse.

Powerful grindcore that brings to mind early violent-hardcore greats like Siege, but with some serious technical riffing on top of it..

I never get sick of this (or any of their material, actually)...

D/L Pig Destroyer - Explosions In Ward 6 right here.

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Somewhere between Converge, Tragedy, and Mastodon (before they got shitty) lies Perth Express.
If you like any of the aforementioned bands, you might like these guys even more.
I'd say this is the record Baroness should have made instead of that lacking-a-pair "The Red Album" piece of mediocre crap.

Rumor has it these guys just broke up - which sucks - but that's the stuff legend is made of, isn't it?

Good noisy/heavy hardcore without any of the macho-pose / art-fag trappings.

Real good.

D/L Perth Express - Harrow and Wealdstone right here.

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As per Darryl's request, I have re-upped the stellar Dayglo Abortions - Here Today, Guano Tomorrow . If y'all got any requests, don't hesitate to hit me up via a comment or use the Cbox over in the sidebar.



I've had it pretty easy this past week or so as far as posting goes; here's another vinyl rip from Haizman_Brains' excellent collection. This time it's from one of the Bay Areas' most underrated "classic" Thrash Metal combos from back in the day, the mighty Sacrilege B.C. While this isn't an easy one to find, it SHOULD be in each of your collections - if not, grab it now...

D/L Sacrilege B.C. - Party With God right here.

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Rad reader Haizman_Brain sent me the cover scan for the Aspirin Feast - Police Beat record last night - AND - he also sent a fresh rip-from-vinyl of the Circle Jerks classic 'Wild in the Streets" LP - from the original mix.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, then read on...

From Wikipedia - In 1981, the group signed with IRS Records subsidiary Faulty Products and recorded their second release, Wild in the Streets, the title track of which is a cover version of a Garland Jeffries tune. Faulty Products ceased operations several months after the release of the album, forcing Circle Jerks to find their third record deal in as many years. While they regained the copyright to Wild In The Streets, the original stereo master tape was lost, forcing the band to do a remix from the multi-track tapes when they reissued the album, along with Group Sex, on CD in 1988.

D/L Circle Jerks - Wild In The Streets (original mix) right here.

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By request for faithful reader Sueleiman , here's some classic drunken/political/grindy crustcore for y'all...

D/L Disrupt - Unrest (part 1) right here.
D/L Disrupt - Unrest (part 2) right here.

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By request for Fred Mindgrinder, here's a record many consider to be Converge's finest moment - I'd like to think they haven't peaked yet...

D/L Converge - Jane Doe right here.

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***200th. Post - Woo Hoo!!!***



No big explanation or history lesson this time around, here's the second record from L.A.'s controversial hardcore / sXe legends, Strife. Heavy-meets-hard on this in a way that most current hardcore bands can't seem to get a grip on.

Word has it that they are playing a few shows again in the near future, and I am pretty sure this is one old-school reunion that WON'T suck...

D/L Strife - In This Defiance right here.

***If anyone downloaded Converge - Live at The Collective 2005 from me, could you PLEASE send me a .zip file of that show as I don't have it any more and I can't seem to track it down anywhere. I'd appreciate it!***