After much thought, I have decided to "call it a day" here at the Lo-Res Viscera.

A few weeks ago, MediaFire neutered 90% of my links - thusly, nearly all posts are dead.

In a way, it is for the better.

Almost 5 fucking years for a blog is a good run, but sadly, the Feds seem to think that SOME of us who actually give a shit about the bands that we WRITE about is a crime - THAT IS A FUCKING CRIME.

This blog was never about leaking garbage put out by mainstream labels, nor was it about undercutting a band's profits - most all the bands I ever wrote about were just like you & me (I would assume).
In the end LO-RES VISCERA was just a place I could do a bit of ranting, and flex my (lack of) "wordsmithing skills" about how much a certain band meant to me on a given day in my life, and if anyone else out there felt the same way, it was nice to hear from you.

For the time being, I'm gonna keep the blog up - not sure what links are still active, but have at it. I'm gonna take a bit of time off, maybe team up w/ some other bloggers - (anybody want / need a hand?) - and then when I am (mentally) ready to attack the internets again (and can figure out a system that won't be nuked by "Big Brother") I will be back in a new form.

Keep The L-R V in your RSS Reader / Google Reader / Facebook Feed for further updates!
As far as Facebook goes, I will be keeping that page up, & updating it from time to time w/ music, videos, info, etc. You can still always reach me via the orange contact button floating over there on the left hand margin, by the way - don't bother asking for re-ups though, okay?

Once again, thank you for being a loyal reader (or leecher) all these years.