Mr. Lee kindly asked for a re-up of some prime "A2/Detroit's finest bong-scrapin' noise-blues monster rock", so here it is.

Grab it quick cuz the T & G internet police will have this thing down (again) in no time, and this is THE. LAST. TIME. I will re-up this live gem...



Now, while I can't say as though I have listened to any Prong record made after 1991's "Prove You Wrong", I gotta say Force Fed absolutely kicked my ass back in the day.
That was another one of those "fuel-for-the-skate-session" records, and this here live board recording from 1990 is pretty good. They play all the good early shit, the sound is exceptionally good, and the between-song banter is amusing at times - especially due to Tommy's heavy "(nasal) Noo Yawwk-ness".

*Enjoy this - the 400th. post - here at Lo-Res Viscera*

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Prong - 10.15.1990 Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany



Way, way, WAY back in the day before this British Punk Icon hawked butter to the masses, John Lydon had a pretty remarkable band that sounded like no one else.

Here's a kick-ass live recording from a roller rink I used to go to as a kid now & then.
This was a bit before my time - I was 12 when this was recorded - but the most amazing part of it (besides how fucking GOOD the music is) is that this roller rink was a total throwback in time.
It had to have been pretty stellar to have witnessed these posh motherfuckers in action...

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Public Image Limited - 04.28.1980 Motor City Roller Rink, Detroit, MI



Here we have a collection of singles, out-takes, comp cuts, alternate versions, etc. from the band that Chris Tense & Dean Johnson - the original rhythm section of Poison Idea - formed after leaving "The Kings of Punk".

Not wandering far from the formula they subscribed to in that legendary band, they teamed up with a drunken howler named Peter & another hot-shit sausage-fingered six-string motherfucker named Ian on guitar.
In three short years they recorded 3 full-lengths & various singles - oh yeah - they were actually called "Mule" to begin with, but lost the rights to the "fake redneck" band from that farm town, er, collegiate bastion for rich kids known as Ann Arbor, MI.

While they may not be a name alot of people recognize, they had their moments in the (s)limelight.
This collection is somewhat spotty, but at the same time, these guys were definitely a "live party band" - you can hear it for sure - and I can attest to that as I saw them live in 1994 at the Paris Theater in downtown Portland.
After the show I decided to head over to Burnside Project for "one last run" and - as is par for the course - I ended up breaking my arm in the process. That's kind of how this band goes as well - always on the edge, and definnitely worth a listen or two.

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Apartment 3G - Shit No One Wants To Hear

If anybody has any other material from these guys, would you mind sending me a rip?
I got cleaned out of my vinyl collection of these guys a few years ago, thanks.



Found this one recently via some BT action, and I'm pretty stoked as I was at this show.

Not alot I can tell you about it, but I do remember that also on this bill were Soundgarden & Danzig -(WTF!?!)- and the only band I watched that night was Voivod, so I can tell you that they were pretty amazing.

The shitty part is that this show went down during the heyday of Soundgarden's recent major-label signing, so the metalheads weren't really there - it was a ton of grunge-wimps & their chicks lookin' to get a glimpse of Chris Cornell's little-boy chest...

What I do remember is this:
1). Smoking down in the sub-zero temps in the back lot of St. Andy's -(an amazing place to see a band, for sure, one of the best without a doubt).
2). Drinking Black Label from a frosted half-shell at the old-man bar next door to St. Andrew's (that I can no longer for the life of me remember the name of), before gulping down some mushrooms with John Brannon (in the Laughing Hyenas at the time) in the bathroom before heading back to St. Andy's for Voivod.

They melted my face off, yes, Voivod did.
So did the mushrooms, of course.

But what about Danzig, you say?
Well, I can't remember because if shit-memory serves me right, I had taken off w/ Swanky Jim (from Cum Dumpster) & his girlfriend Peg (from the Gories) to go smoke some hash at their place.
She later threw a knife at me, barely missing my foot.
Good times.
I guess I do remember a few things from that night, huh.

Listening to this set -nineteen fucking years later HOLY SHIT- I'd have to say it was a ripper for sure, and I gotta tell ya I really, really, miss bands like this, times like that, the old crew, etc.


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Voivod - 01.13.1990 St. Andrew's Hall, Detroit, MI



A while back I posted a ripper from Anger, which just so happened to be the hardcore band that Dennis Munoz (guitar) & Alex Marquez (drums) played in after Solstice broke up the first time. They have since reformed three times, and a new record is due to drop any day now.

Solstice play a brand of technically-sound thrashy death, and of course it has that trademark "Florida Death" feel to it. Marquez & Munoz are favorite players of mine, and I'm a sucker for their recorded output - you should be, too.

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Solstice - Solstice



Fear was definitely one of the very first punk bands to start crafting the sound that would eventually come to be known as hardcore (that stuff we all know and love).
While it wasn't quite the raucous musical masterpiece that "THE RECORD" was, "More Beer" still holds many a wry drunken anthem within its seething grooves.

Many have emulated Lee Ving, yet no one possesses the same charisma / humor / intimidation as the man himself. Why bother, ya know? Plus, he played a Gibson Sonex - (my guitar of choice)...

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Fear - More Beer



Chuck from San Jose asked for a re-up on the Will Haven.
It's up, so have at it.

I am going back to enjoying my ice cream now...