Some insanely kick-ass violent grindcore from Australia for you tonite...

Captain Cleanoff - what's up with that name? Anybody? - play grindcore in it's earlier, punkier form, sorta like how "From Enslavement to Obliteration" grinds along. Manic, solid, blurred, forceful, and INTENSE!
No new-school crazy tech-shred here - I love that stuff, by the way - just scuzzy, fat, juicy riff-filled assaults on yer dome.

One of the contemporary frontrunners of the genre right here, folks.

Captain Cleanoff - Symphonies of Slackness

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Legendary crusty-thrashcore from Nottingham, UK.

I'd be hard pressed to think YOU haven't heard of them before, so I'll spare you all the history lesson.
I will say though that they have been around since 1984, and plan to become active again in 2010.

Here is their first full-length release from back in 1985 - a year I found myself buried in a bag of weed, skateboards that were outfitted w/ Indy 169's or 215's, no intention of getting a job anytime soon - getting a fuckload of tattoos was more important, and this was part of the soundtrack to my becoming a grown-ass man screaming FUCK. THE. WORLD.

Concrete Sox - Your Turn Next

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This one goes out to all five of you who LOVED my last post!

These sick bastards from Las Vegas create a maniacal fury of blasting/grinding/intense death-grind with more than a few fucked/weird samples mixed in the fray.
The vocals are not-human-in-nature - oinky squeals all the way to deep-gut growls? You get it all.
Guitarwork? Masterful shredding indeed.
Drums? Lotsa doubled-up bass pedal action, lots of spastic blasting - so fucking tight!
Maybe the only weak spot is the bass, and there's nothing really to complain about there, just a bit more "in-the-pocket" than I'd expect for these fucked-up shit/death freaks.

This is a LOUD record that will definitely piss of everyone you know...

Guttural Secrete - Reek of Pubescent Despoilment

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New Jersey seems to pump out some top-shelf brutal bands, doesn't matter if we're talking hardcore or metal here, folks.
You can't argue with that.

Dripping plays some extremely fucked up - I mean that in the best way possible - gurgled-out & gluggy brutal death complete with sick-ass samples, bass runs buried in mud, syrupy drum-flam-damage, adderall-addled vocal incoherence, etc. Altogether it adds up to a winning formula for me - one that I can say makes them one of my favorites for sure.

The internets says they are still active, but it's been years since they've released anything new. I'd love to see these guys onstage - it's got to be something amazing to witness this barely-controlled mess in a live setting.

Dripping - Disintegration of Thought Patterns During A Synthetic Mind Travelling Bliss

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I find it hard to believe that 440 posts in to this thing, I haven't ranted & raved over those death-grind kings from Birmingham yet...

While they've had numerous personnel changes and style changes, they have always kept the blast close at hand - also hard to believe is the fact that as a band they will have been together for 30 YEARS NEXT YEAR!

You can find most of their catalogue all over the web, but I pulled this 3-EP collection out today -hadn't heard it in some time- so thought I'd share, as it sounded real good to these ears.

(Jesse Pintado you are dearly missed, sir).

Napalm Death - Death by Manipulation

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