Halloween is upon us again, and while this record ain't spooky by general standards, it is one that brings cold shivers to the spine, thoughts of anguish, (slight) feelings of peace, & then more chaos gets dumped upon you like a 1-ton bag of candy corn.

Swarrrm never lets you down, and they do the grind-thing like no one else.
One of Kobe's best exports, and I hope this mysterious band never quits.

I'd chop your left nut off to see these guys…

Swarrrm - Against Again.
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Mid-Eighties East Coast Hardcore on the (somewhat) emotional tip, yet packed w/ power chords & sing-alongs, etc. I always looked at Verbal Assault as "Judge-light" - that's not a bad thing, by any means. They always brought the power & the personal lyrics & all, just on a more melodic tip, I suppose.
This record got much play in the form of a beat-up cassette played through an even more beat-up "ghetto blaster" during many a late-night "curb-crushing" session down at the "Friendship Shell" in my hometown of Bay City, MI back in 1988 or so.

It's still a great record, and a total mark of time for both me, personally, and for a sound that isn't so popular these days. You should have this in your collection.

Verbal Assault - Trial
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