Here's some old-school despair-ridden crusty/blasty/noisy hardcore via request for Riffin.
I had to do a bit of digging around on Soulseek, but I found it.
There's like zero web presence for these guys, so no "cool band shot" this time around.

(I forgot how good this record is)...

D/L Initial State - Abort the Soul right here.

Now playing: Only Living Witness - Complex Man


Blisteringly fucking raging maniacly bad-ass speedy death-thrash from the Great White North, I present to you RAMMER!
Hard to fucking beat, and there's nothing "ironic" or "revival" about the thrash racket these guys make...

D/L Rammer - Cancer right here.



A request for PJ over at Excess Zine, here's yet another great record by one of my favorites - Dystopia.
I think I've posted more by these East Bay scuzz-lords than any other band featured here on L-R V...

D/L Dystopia - Human = Garbage right here.

I got a rip of the new record they just released, but one of the tracks is fucked up - I've seen like 4 or 5 blogs who have posted this flawed version as well - so I figured NOT to post the new one until I get a clean copy.

Now playing: Breathing Fire - Diet333



Perfect for a rainy winter day in San Francisco, here's a killer spilt featuring Hellshock - there's Tragedy guys in this one, duh - but for my money the band to beat here is Effigy from Japan who play some bitchin' metallic crust kind of thing.
I need to get more from them for sure...

D/L Hellshock / Effigy - Split right here.


As per Anonymous' request - NEXT TIME LEAVE A NAME, BUDDY - I have re-upped Death Strike - Fuckin' Death, so go get this classic piece of thrashy death!

The weather is shitty out today, and I should be at work but the flu has me down.
Going back to the couch now...


Request: INFEST.

This one is for Pablogoregrinder...

Infest made it real tough for most hardcore/powerviolence bands after them.
Still one of the all-time greats, I never get sick of these guys...

D/L Infest - No Man's Slave right here.

Now playing: Mecht Mensch - Acceptance


Just got this in the mail today, lost my original copy a while back.
Seriously caustic grindy/screamy/metallic hardcore straight from Italy.
(Enjoy, I'm going back to the BBQ now)...

D/L Antithesis - Antithesis right here.

Now playing: D.O.A. - Rich Bitch



If I was in a band right now, I wish it sounded like this...

Glasgow, Scotlands' Shank came and kicked a shit-ton of ass in a short period of time. Call it powerviolence, but they would call it something else - they didn't care much for labels, and they truly transcended most of them anyways.
"Extreme music" (for lack of better term) could use more bands like this.
I'm calling this CD a classic RIGHT NOW.

D/L Shank - The Curse of Shank right here.

Now playing: Miltown - Predatory Male


Via request, Dystopia - Seattle 1992 has been re-upped. Go get it!

If you stopped here via the DLXSF website, do yourself a favor and get some real wood from us - ROLL FOREVER, bitches...



As per Infamous' request, I have re-upped the Life's Blood - Live on WFMU 03.17.1988, so go get it if you didn't before.
I also boosted the levels, so hopefully it will sound even better.

Let me know if there's a link down you want re-upped and I'll do what I can for you - comments would be nice too...


Hirudinea fucking slay, bro.

I woke up this morning and knew exactly what I was gonna post.

I scored this a while ago, and I've been so busy with the madness at work as well as a full-plate at home that it just sat on that corner of my desk that is always a three-foot-tall stack of unlistened-to CD's.
I finally had the time to actually start going through some of the logjam in the last week - thus the lack of updates.

My first test for a new CD to see if it is "worthy" is by playing it on my drive to work.
That usually tells me within 15 minutes if a CD kills or not.
This split CD definitely is a strong cup of coffee - made with turpentine, per se'.

Very violent, and at full speed, both of these Boston bands make some seriously scary fucking music that is not without being heavy as well.
Hirudinea is a new one for me, and I sure as fuck hope to hear more from these guys.
Watchmaker is a personal favorite of mine, and as usual, they do not disappoint!

I'd love to see both of these bands on a full-on Boston bill, the line-up (in no particular order) being:
Hirudinea / Watchmaker / Raw Radar War / Converge / Out Cold - fuck, I'll stop right there...

D/L Hirudinea / Watchmaker split CD right here.

Now playing: Savatage - Hall Of The Mountain King



Well-played / high-grade metalcore - direct from Switzerland.

D/L Cataract = With Triumph Comes Loss right here.

Now playing: Cavity - 9 Fingers On The Spider



On this cold rainy day in San Francisco there's nothing I dig more than some Czech Powerviolence to keep me warm and mellow...

D/L Gride - Discography 1996 - 2003 right here.

Now playing: Ulcerrhoea - Amounts to Shit



As per Gabe's request, I have re-upped Drunk Injuns - Frontside Grind.

Just click the original D/L link on the post.

Feel free to leave a comment on the C-Box if there's' a link thats down, & I'll do what I can to hook it up for you...