Pretty much a perfect album all the way around…

It's funny / sad to me to think of how many new bands have totally copped this sound, and are making way more money than Entombed ever have - worst part of all is that most of the kids these days don't realize this. Hopefully, they will be smart & go back to check out the originators of the Swedish Death Metal Sound, ya know? (Sometimes the internet ruins everything).

This record is 22 fucking years old now, & it still shreds giant hairy rhino balls all fuckin' day.
Swedish Death Metal that set the standard - FUCK YEAH!!!

Entombed - Left Hand Path.
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Been quite a while since I last listened to this…

Bought this when it came out - out of print now, really Dischord? - and damn if it ain't a psychedelic weirdo hippie record that is PUNK as FUCK.

The lineup of this band just looks so wrong that it is absolutely right. The perfect melding of a bunch of dudes who don't fit the rules of the "School of Punk" (as far appearances & musical styles go), and this is why their material is (still to this day) is so unique.

This is a band you'll either love or hate, but in my honest opinion, Fred Smith is one of the most unsung hardcore guitarists ever. Imagine him in a band w/ the other Fred Smith (MC5) - crushing.

Light up, lights down, rock out, etc.

Beefeater - Plays For Lovers / House Burning Down
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Back before Jesus Christ Allin became "The Highest (heroin) Power" who threw shit on everyone, Kevin Michael Allin was worshipping at the altar of Stiv Bators & that ain't no bad thing!

This here - the first album from back in 1980 - is chock full of snotty pop-punk. I usually (always) hate that kind of shit, but GG was over the top lyrically from the beginning.

While you either loved him or hated him, there is absolutely NO ONE who even comes close to the "violent rock 'n roll madman furious-style" that GG lived. Sadly, he never fulfilled his plan of "taking myself out onstage -and a few others as well". Heroin, alcoholism, various addictions, incarceration, & metal-state deterioration turned him into a pathetic mess in the end. Honestly though - I miss the fuckin' dude - used to be every week for me back in the day that folks were talking about what GG did at his last show, etc.

R.I.P. Scumfuc!

GG Allin - Always Was, Is, and Always Shall Be
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