While the rock pedigree of Fargo, ND runs hella deep, these guys were the undisputed KINGS of noise rock from the "Gateway to the West".

They were also one of the first bands to feature the "power duo" lineup consisting of only two members - something that has become rather trendy these days, and frankly, most bands who have attempted this suck at it...

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Godhead Silo - Elephantitus of the Night

Now playing: Dissonance - Toast To The Good Life



They were from a small town in Northern Ohio and in the early eighties they made a name for themselves in the era of "Midwest Rules" hardcore.

You either love them or hate them - either way you can never find their "good records" anywhere.

Here's a bootleg containing all the early 7"s & LP's, & some live stuff as well.

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Necros - Conquest For Death (Bootleg)

Now playing: Hüsker Dü - Standing By The Sea



As per Janfitc's request, I am now able to re-up the grooy sludgy beast known as Taiho thanks to Andrew over at THE BEST music blog ever for sending me replacement files. I sent him this like three years ago, and he stepped up and got me back when I need it - thanks buddy!

Hopefully I'll post up something fresh for you all later tonight.



I scored this last week while in Chicago for $3.99.
"The Seraphim Fall" is the third release from these Central Florida "evilcore" stalwarts...

(Link will open in new window)

Bloodlet - The Seraphim Fall

Now playing: Emeth - Impermanence Of Being



As per Janfitc's requests, here's some new U/L links for Phobia, Capricorns, & Grey Daturas.

I wish I could re-up the Taiho link as well, but my CDs by them were stolen a few years back, so if anyone has anything by them PLEASE HOOK ME UP.

I also thought about posting the newest Capricorns release but after a few listens I'm sad to say the party is over. It's a major disappointment if you ask me which bums me out, cuz I really dug "Ruder Forms Survive".

(I'll be posting some new stuff soon, just trying to find the time to do so.
Between my trip to Chicago, a getaway to Tahoe this past weekend, my son starting kindergarten today, and a heavy workload as of late I hope to have my head above water soon, per se).



Do you like real "meat-and-potatoes" styled hardcore?
If your answer is "yes", then you'll probably dig the utterly bombastic chaotic thrash of the infamous Failure Face.
While Brandon, FL may not have been a major player in the hardcore scene, it did spawn a real motherfucker of a band back in the 90's.
Here's a choice collection of their output for your enjoyment.

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Failure Face - Complete Failure

Now playing: Racebannon - Sister Fucker


THE B-52's.

This one ought to throw you for a loop...

There was a time back when I was a young teenager that I really dug these guys and girls. The first four records are pretty amazing; even to this day I can pull them out now & then.
When Ricky Wilson died, the band went to shit in my opinion, and turned into a "VH-1 Party Band for Adults" or what not. There was a time though when the B-52's made some interestingly fresh sounding tunes, and here's a seriously fucking GOOD live show from 1979 to prove it.

The sound quality is exceptional on this as far as a live show goes. Check it out.

(Link will open in new window)

The B-52's - 01.17.1979 Paradiso, Amsterdam

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Via special request for a dude who has a great blog in his own right, here's a fresh link to "God's Favorite Dog" - the fabulous Touch & Go noise compilation from a few years back - as well as a new link for some kick-ass sludgy Nor-Cal doomcore from Noothgrush I posted a year ago.

I'll be posting some new stuff soon, just been busy as fuck since I got back from Chicago.
I scored some good CD's whilst there, and I didn't pay more than $3.99 for any of them - STOKED!



Thought I'd go back and re-up this choice demo from the Dead Kennedys for reader Elvis (who knows how to comment - THANK YOU).

Hopefully it'll stick around for a while this time...

Definitely grab this as you hardly see it anywhere these days; it's quite interesting to hear these versions of classic Nor-Cal hardcore favorites - they stand up well next to the finished product.



True kings of S.F. Hardcore from an era that pretty much was the end of hardcore in this town.
Seems like all "the kids" have decided to make some electro-sallyboy disco shit, or even worse - "free jazz"...

These guys ruled.
I saw them at many a great warehouse spot / house party / garage abandoned storefront, etc.
I'm sure my boy Aesop could tell you how good they were.
I'll always miss S.F. bands like these guys, but alas, "the scene ain't what it used to be"...

(Link will open in new window)

Fuckface - Fuckface

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By request for J, here's a live show from 1995 by Quicksand I posted damn near a year ago on this here little blog.
It's nice to know people still dig around in the old shit, and at some point I'd like to have all my ancient links active.


I'll be out of town (going to Chicago for a wedding) for a few days, so no new posts for now - check back late on the 16th. and I'll probably have something up.

In the meantime, dig through the archives, or visit any of the excellent blogs I visit on a daily basis - you can find find those links over in the sidebar, of course.

If you're really bored, you can follow me on my trip at:
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*(feel free to add me if you use any of those services)*

Hang in there 'til the weekend...

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I think most of us agree that the Japanese create some of the best bands of the metal and hardcore genres. Well, Hellchild was one of the best at melding hardcore and brutal metal together creating something you can't label death metal or metalcore.
Masters for sure, and I miss the fuck out of this band - you do too, right?

(Link will open in new window)

Hellchild - Where the Conflict Reaches

Now playing: D.V.C. - Licentious Abandon


A precursor to the wonderful Oxbow, Whipping Boy (also) probably didn't make alot of friends with their chaotic hardcore stylings and outrageous and intimidating demeanor. They were definitely an acquired taste, and in my opinion were pure fucking genius.
A unique band for sure.

(Link will open in new window)

Whipping Boy - Subcreature: The Fucked Years 1981 - 1983

Now playing: Monster X - Hand Of Power



One of Detroit's best-kept secrets as far as hardcore bands go.

Probably the first "punk show" I ever witnessed was these guys, Dissonance, & The Crucifucks.

I got to know know the singer Nate 'Puker" over the years, and would stay at his place on occasion.
We would always drink too much and go to the donut shop on the corner near his house. One cold January day while walking back to his crib, the cops rolled up the back alley behind his house and in the dumpster they found some "fresh hooker parts".

I don't think the Detroit Hooker Serial Killer was ever caught.
Good times in The Motor City...

(Link will open in new window)

Forced Anger - Pent Up / Summer of Hate

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If you love grindcore then you probably are familiar with the juggernaut known as Brutal Truth. Rich the drummer does his own thing now & then, and that thing is known as Total Fucking Destruction.
While possibly not as non-stop brutal as said band, these guys can hold their own in the blast zone for sure.
Here's a choice collection of early demo tracks & live takes...

(Link will open in new window)

Total Fucking Destruction - Compact Disc Version 1.0 Pt. I

(Link will open in new window)

Total Fucking Destruction - Compact Disc Version 1.0 Pt. II

In other news, I just wanted to take a moment to say how stoked I am that L-R V has just celebrated it's one-year anniversary a few days ago.
I've met a bunch of great people in the past year, and learned alot about some great bands from some fellow bloggers and blog lurkers. The great stories some of you have shared have been inspiring, and hopefully some of you have enjoyed this small stop on the web as much as I have enjoyed tweaking the band photos and artwork and sharing the music I love so much.
270 posts down and I'm still not burned out - that's pretty amazing for a guy who has killed off no less than 5 or 6 music blogs in the last 5 years!

Thanks for all the great comments so far - this place definitely feeds off it!

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I wish I could tell you more about this thrashy/metallic darkened-hardcore crew from Japan, but web presence is nearly non-existent.
I will tell you that they fucking kick ass with their solid (and fresh) approach to hardcore without all the usual cliches that come with the genre.

If anyone has any more info, or better cover art, or images, or just more music in general from these guys (and a girl) please share, willya?

(Link will open in new window)

Muga - Muga

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