You ever wonder what the sound of being sucked into a black hole through time and space would sound like?
I think it would be safe to assume that it sounds like THIS.

Infested Blood create some of the most caustic and agitating brutal death metal around - easily one of the most unique/underrated bands in the DM scene. If you enjoy the sound of a man vomiting broken glass & metal shards, ill car-crash guitar riff-runs, & relentless drumming that is - dare I say - "relentless", well then… here's your ticket to an endless vortex of eardrum battery...

Infested Blood - Interplanar Decimation

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Okay, just so you know: I'm NOT a fan of the retro/rehash contemporary thrash revival we've been seeing the last few years - I prefer the classics. That said, I'm pretty hyped on this 2010 release from a rager of a band from Colombia called Destroyer!

While they've been around since 2001, this is their first full-length, and damned if they don't conjure up some choice blackened/thrashy elements of early Destruction, Venom - even a dash of Absu all up in this piece!

Nice short-and-to-the-point songs w/ crazy-psychotic vocals & manic-twisted riffage makes for a fun listen. Nothing really new here, but there has always been something original & GENUINE in the approach of the South American thrash scene, so check it out...

Destroyer - Prepared for Discharge

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The Swiss thrash technicians known collectively as Coroner have always held a special place in my dented tin-can-of-a-heart w/ their take on the thrash/death realms - I can honestly say I enjoy each and every album they have ever made.
Maybe not every song, but as their sound changed over the years, I still enjoyed their noise immensely. Voivod falls into this category for me as well - not as consistently in the latter years, but both bands conjure the same feeling to me when I listen to them - you may get different results, of course.

R.I.P. is solid, "classic" mid-paced thrash. Not lots of tricks or over-the-top "evilness", just real meat-and-potatoes heaviness. Nice tones, great guitar playing, and some tasty interludes. Take a bite...

Coroner - R.I.P.

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This is my first post trying out a newer file-hosting service called ADrive. Let me know what you all think, okay?
I'm growing tired of the Rapidshare changes, but I do tend to D/L a lot myself, so it is worth it to pay for their service each month, but ADrive seems like they could take on the big boys real quick-like.

I'm interested in hearing about your D/L experience - both good and bad - thanks.



A masterful cutting-edge meshing of grindcore, hardcore, death, and thrash from the early Nineties - straight outta Jerzzz!!!

The pedigree of bands that were spawned from what these guys laid down is unreal - YOU can keep your Dillinger records, dude, I'm NOT interested - but that's no big surprise when everybody's favorite drum-smasher-dude Dave Witte is in the mix.

The shit gets heavy - technical at times - with off-beat time signatures everywhere, ripping guitar licks traded back & forth, and some tasty inhuman vocals bringing it all together - two-discs deep, son…

Where Were You When

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Goddamn haybailing-ly solid deathy-grindcore from "The Middle of "Merikuh", aka, Indiana.
Lots of excellent starts and stops, blazing/fat riffage, awesome throat-popping vocals with some weird little breakdowns tossed in when you least expect it. Spastic and electric, yet stony as fuck at the same time - how'd they do that?

This record has recently become a new favorite of mine; perfect for that early morning commute, etc.

Decrypt - Holy Erotic Rapture

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I'm never good at these things.
I think much faster than I can type.
I'll try my best - and I'll try to keep it short, too…

Basically, this blog runs on whatever record has got me stoked at the moment - it's not about the newest release or latest leak.
It's just me & my loaded-to-the-hilt HD, many of the times shuffling away on random while I'm perusing the interwebs, and then THAT MOMENT HAPPENS - something I forgot I had pops up, or it's something I downloaded but it went lost in the shuffle, or something subliminally triggers a memory, etc. Usually a post is inspired this way, other times it's a cool band photo found online that gets me to tweaking it out in Photoshop that does it as well.

Anyways, I can't believe it's been three years since the Lo-Res Viscera became my obsession.

It's interesting for me personally to look back through the archives and see how my tastes have changed over the years, and while there have been times that I've wanted to pack it in, I guess I really didn't want to call it quits because the L-R V is an outlet that I have grown to be dependent upon as far as sharing music & stories w/ you like-minded peeps who dig the same kind of aural insanity that I do. I've made some cool online (and sometimes in real life) friendships & contacts through this blog, and if you yourself haven't ever given music blogging a try GO FOR IT. I've been inspired by many over the years - all the blogs you see in the right sidebar I can honestly say are linked here because they all carry some sort of inspiration forth for me, so please check them out if you haven't already.


Okay, let's get back to the music, shall we..?

Been holding on to this one for a bit, and while it might not be the best overall sound-quality - it's a bootleg, remember? - the history of these recordings more than makes up for that - it's The Good King, okay?
Mercyful Fate are one of the all-time greats, and here's a glimpse into their early days.
While at times a bit sloppy, and sometimes a bit punkier-than-they-are-heavy, these recordings a treat for the Mercyful Fate / King Diamond fan.

Mercyful Fate - The Lost Tapes: 1978-1984

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Essentially what was a side-project a Youth of Today, Judge became it's own monster right off the bat.

They absolutely alienated many in the scene(s) w/ their militant sXe views, the West Coast punk 'zines hated them, and all the while they played an aggressive version of hardcore that had a metal approach, yet you couldn't call it metal. Metalcore v.1.0 wasn't even around yet, so in essence it was some seriously meaty thick-neck hardcore played by a bunch of kids who were passionate in their views, approach, & influences.

Love them or hate them, Judge left their mark on HC, and this collection of their complete recorded output (plus demos/rarities) is testament to that legacy...

Judge - What It Meant: The Complete Discography

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Check this out - awesome to say the least…

"What Was Said & Where It Went" (Unfinished Documentary).