Okay, just so you know: I'm NOT a fan of the retro/rehash contemporary thrash revival we've been seeing the last few years - I prefer the classics. That said, I'm pretty hyped on this 2010 release from a rager of a band from Colombia called Destroyer!

While they've been around since 2001, this is their first full-length, and damned if they don't conjure up some choice blackened/thrashy elements of early Destruction, Venom - even a dash of Absu all up in this piece!

Nice short-and-to-the-point songs w/ crazy-psychotic vocals & manic-twisted riffage makes for a fun listen. Nothing really new here, but there has always been something original & GENUINE in the approach of the South American thrash scene, so check it out...

Destroyer - Prepared for Discharge

Link in comments.


  1. Sounds fucking awesome. can't wait to hear it! GO GIANTS!

  2. if you got some anarchist latin-american blackened thrash lighten us up...

    i;m downloading right now
    hope i'll dig it (while i'm listening a lot of LID, laughyng hyenas and 16 lately)

  3. Maybe check out NASHGUL or SIMBOSE - I believe I have those guys in the archives. You might dig around in there...

  4. Awesome record. Coming from Latin America, there's always been a whole lot of bands down here playing extreme music.
    If you're looking for anarchist blackened thrash bands from down here, I'm sorry to say that most of the black metal scene here is pretty right wing inclined. There's some new bands that are playing blackened crust that you may wanna check out...like Zaherir and La Miseria De Tu Rostro from Chile and Dios Hastío from Peru. Nashgul and Dishammer from Spain, though technically not from Latin America are really good too.
    Keep up the good work here, really like this blog.

  5. @Devil - I just glanced at your blog yesterday, was wondering about that Zaherir record. I must download it now!

    Thanks for the info on bands & for stopping by - YOU ARE NOW LINKED!

  6. i like it 'cos it's a totally ORIGINAL name

  7. Love thrash. Never heard of these guys. Will give em a spin. Thanks!

  8. broken link messing with my mind hole...any chance of a re - up?
    mad shit by the way !



  10. Thank you veri much for all that fkcing support.
    Hail from colombia
    - Poison Child - Destroyer's Pornoguitar


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