Goddamn haybailing-ly solid deathy-grindcore from "The Middle of "Merikuh", aka, Indiana.
Lots of excellent starts and stops, blazing/fat riffage, awesome throat-popping vocals with some weird little breakdowns tossed in when you least expect it. Spastic and electric, yet stony as fuck at the same time - how'd they do that?

This record has recently become a new favorite of mine; perfect for that early morning commute, etc.

Decrypt - Holy Erotic Rapture

Link in comments.


  1. You haven't done me wrong yet! Can't wait to listen to this, chug beers and watch baseball!

  2. Hope that baseball works out well for you, Tim.
    I KNOW the brews & the tunes will do you just fine - we NEED a Giants win here, damn!

  3. didn't know about these guys, but the 'perfect for that early morning commute' bit got me completely sold (not to mention the guitarist's devilock, he he). gonna blast this @ work. also, the cover pic is very cool.

    thanks for posting, good grind is always most weclome.


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