Hot damn there be some ass-blistering blasting coming from this San Jose Power-grindlence outfit!

While they may not be a household name to many outside the Bay Area, they most certainly lay waste to many heavyweights in the HC/Powerviolence scene.
Do yourself a favor and check this out.

*(Sorry for the lack of updates, but my house is going through some MAJOR renovation for the next couple of weeks. Most of my shit is packed up and/or covered in drywall dust for now, so pardon the lack of updates).*

In Disgust - San Jose Oldies, Vol. 1

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Here's some seriously under-appreciated slammin' old-school death metal done somewhat with a Swedish feel, but from the Rust Belt heavy-metal hotbed known as... Toledo, Ohio!

The three(!) Ditch brothers (Mark, Mike, & Scott) along with their shred-master pal Billy came together to form Gutted - awesome fucking name, by the way! They recorded a couple of demos & long-players, probably got out of the midwest on a few tours, and the only things left that I have to say before I let you loose on this beast is WHY THE FUCK WEREN'T THEY BIGGER BECAUSE THESE DUDES FUCKING SLAYED AND IF YOU REFER TO THIS AS "SLAM- METAL" OR "WIGGER-SLAM" I WILL PERSONALLY COME OVER TO YOUR MOM'S HOUSE AND PUSH YOUR FACE IN FOR YOU.

Sorry about that... these guys deserve respect...

Gutted - Bleed for Us to Live

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Wonderful Mid-Western Powerviolence done right; dig around in the way back machine (search box) and you'll find more stuff by them.

Goofy at times? Sure.
Ferocious? Oh yes.
All in all you can't go wrong with these dudes.

Kungfu Rick - Coming to an End.

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The "unreleased" first album from these Florida death icons.

While this isn't "the classic lineup", it could very well be my favorite overall release by them. Mike Browning's vocals on this thing are killer - no offense, Mr. Vincent - but the frosty bark with which he spews forth Necromicon-inspired verbage certainly stand on their own, and Trey's riffs are nothing short of stellar chaotic LAVA from outer space (as per the usual)...

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Morbid Angel - Abominations of Desolation.

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Wendy O. Williams will probably never get the respect she deserves when it comes to her place in rock-and-roll history. She fronted one of the most uniquely shocking bands back in the day; one that if you tried to emulate today you would just be laughed at.
She lived a hard life, was an entertaining front person, and sadly it has been nearly 11 years now since she took her own life. There will never be another one like her, and there will never be another band like the Plasmatics.

Here now for your listening pleasure is a quality live recording of the band at the pinnacle of their power, enjoy.

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Plasmatics - 04.23.1983 The Circus, Bergenfield, NJ



FIrst of all, I'd like to wish all of you the happiest of holidays.
(Hopefully you've all been kickin' back & relaxin' at least as half as hard as I have)...

It's a new year, and the first post of 2010 on the L-R V is actually a link to a compilation I did for Cheeto & the gang over at Sludge Swamp. Mari inspired me with her taste for the grind & whatnot, so I did my best to answer the call. Please check it out, I hope you enjoy it.

* By the way... The cover art posted above - if you didn't already know - is a Kenny Fuckin' Powers (of "Eastbound & Down" fame) paper fortune teller. I'm a bulletproof tiger man!!! *