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Formed in the outskirt suburbs of Boston nearly 20 years ago, these guys have been prolific in their output over the years, yet they remain largely under appreciated for their very kick-ass take on power-chord hardcore - not unlike Poison Idea in many ways, and hey, that's good, right?

No need for a history lesson as the record holds its own...

D/L Out Cold - Permanent Twilight World right here.


Awesome hardcore/crossover heshers from Chicago.

Saw these dudes many times as a young teen; always a powerful set.
Still give this a spin now and then and it brings back good memories.
I'd have to say I dig this "sound of Chicago" much more than any of the Naked Raygun-styled stuff or the Big Black/Touch and Go action. Not that I don't like any of that stuff it's just that I guess I just prefer loud, frantic, and heavy more than angular and catchy...


D/L Impulse Manslaughter - Live at WFMU 1993 right here.

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Legendary blackened death boogan metal from Kansas City.
Went out at the top of their game.
Good stuff...

D/L Order From Chaos - Stillbirth Machine right here.

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A side project of Dean and Woody from the REAL Corrosion of Conformity - not that Pepper Keenan bullshit version of said band - that came out years ago but went over like broccoli flavored ice cream.
Didn't care for this very much back in the day, but doesn't sound so bad to my ears now, actually.
Brian Walsby played drums in this band - you know him from his rippin' old-school hardcore flyer art, right? Anyways, this thing never came out on CD, and so I wrote to him a year ago or so and for $2 he burned me a CD-R & drew me a cool little cover for it.
Buy his MANCHILD series of books, and listen to EYE FOR AN EYE, willya?

Brian Walsby.

D/L Snake Nation - Snake Nation right here.

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I used to listen to alot of black metal over the last few years, but seemed to have burned out on it a bit lately. Bands like Orenda - who hail from Bulgaria of all places - seem to push the envelope of the genre while at the the same time staying "troo" to the whole "kvlt" aspect of the (menatlly) limited genre.
Check it out, some excellent mid-tempo cold and blackened stuff...

Metal Archives.

D/L Orenda - Back In The Grave right here.



Awesomely kick-ass thrashy/crusty/grindy heavy hardcore from Portugal.
I feel sorta like a fool hyping these guys as I just found out about them and after a little research it seems as though they have been around for 15 years.

The cool thing about it though is the fact that there are still hidden gems out there (musically) and I love it when I discover something on my own like this; hope you dig it too...

Offiical Website.
Metal Archives.

D/L Simbiose - Evolution? right here.

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Abrasive, dark heavy hardcore from Detroit.
While this record is almost 10 years old now, it still doesn't get the respect it so rightly deserves, and belongs up there somewhere between Dystopia & Phobia - at least in my eyes it does.

I couldn't find a picture of these guys, so I posted a "loaded" Coney Dog from my favorite Detroit eating institution, Lafayette Coney Island...

D/L .Nema - Bring Our Curses Home right here.

(This is a Sharebee.com u/l this time. MediaFire was being a bitch for some reason, so I thought I'd try a different service. Let me know what you guys think)...

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Drugged up/Messed up/Fucked up dirthead noisy angular fuck (you) rock from the Down Under.
Bands like this can't go on forever though - the hard partying involved in creating this wonderful chaotic mess takes it toll in dog years on the parties involved. Yeah.

Rad fucking band that I miss. Alot.

D/L King Snake Roost - Ground Into The Dirt right here.
(Hey if I could have found a better picture of these dudes I would have used it)

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Deathy-grindcore from Sweden that stands out from the pack.
These guys just get better and better, and yeah, I would LOVE to see these guys live - that's saying something cuz I pretty much loathe going to "shows" these days...

Official Website.

D/L Sayyadina - Fear Gave Us Wings right here.

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Moody punk rock from Charm City (Baltimore, MD).
Dan Higgs has always been a bad ass motherfucker, whether it be making music within a band setting or solo as well as being a unique tattooist (something he stopped a few years ago, sadly).
Here's the last release from the great-yet-under appreciated reptile House from 1989...

D/L Reptile House - Listen To The Powersoul right here.

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Solid heavy rock without pretension that has been mopping the floor on tour with Danzig lately.
These recordings are from a tour with Boris, and were released on a 1000 vinyl copy only release - I'd take Doomriders over Boris myself - pretty much if it has a member of Converge within its ranks it's gonna kick ass.

This will not disappoint.


D/L Doomriders - Long Hair & Tights right here.



Don't have to say much about these guys, everybody loves them, but I will say that I was at this very show.
I turned 27 that very same evening, and yeah, it was a kick-ass good time...


D/L Sleep - Haze Thater, SF, CA 06.25.1994 right here.

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Reversal Of Man - Independence Day
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Strange yet tasty little gem I found on SLSK last night, thought I'd share it with you...

Can't seem to find any info on this, probably recorded in 1980 I'm thinking, and it's pretty fucking r-a-w.
Not like anything Fear ever did in their heyday wasn't, so yeah, it's pretty enjoyable to say the least.
Interesting little artifact of punk rock history.

D/L Fear - Paradise Lost Demos right here.

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A personal favorite of mine, and outside of the 80's skateboard era, an underrated band.
Hard to pin down what genre these guys fall in to, let's just say they fit the bill of "skaterock" better than most.

Sometimes the sun don't shine, the wind don't blow, and the sky ain't blue...

Official Website.

D/L Drunk Injuns - Frontside Grind right here.

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Whilst I haven't really listened to any of their musical output since they released this little doozy way the fuck back, I'd have to say this record still kicks ass to this day.
Some quality guitar-shred going here....


D/L Dayglo Abortions - Here Today, Guano Tomorrow right here.

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