As per Tomica's request - sorry for the wait; holiday weekend and all that - I have re-upped Kepone - Ugly Dance.
Grab it as soon as possible if you don't already have it.
It's an early lesson in under-appreciated noise rock with some serious fucking chops.

Touch & Go doesn't like you to share their music, so when it's gone, it's gone.

(In other news, I'd just like to thank everyone whose been leaving great comments lately. Posting a rare Black Flag live set helps for sure, but it's just nice to have some feedback/insight/story swapping going on here).

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Here's a decent-sounding board tape I got recently from a show I haven't seen around before, and best of all, it is from the strongest Black Flag lineup - that's right - Dez on vocals!

If anyone has any info on this recording/venue/band/songs, etc. feel free to chime in as comments - and my passion for doing this - have been waning as of late.

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Black Flag - 03.22.1981 Club Doobee, East Lansing, MI

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Um, this is before the lawsuit/name change.
Some trashy & raw punk-ass demo cuts from these L.A. legends.
You don't see this around much, so check it out.

Something a bit different from the L-R V for a change...

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Red Cross - Born Innocent Demo Tapes

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The best of the Buffalo Hardcore scene in my opinion.

Terror is just an "okay" band by comparison with what Scott Vogel did back in the day, but then again I rarely listen to much of the whole new-or-old school moshcore stuff.

All in all, the entire catalog released by these guys is solid.

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Buried Alive - The Death of Your Perfect World

Comments would be nice - it's been like a fucking ghost town around here lately, fuck.

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400 BLOWS.

You always know what to expect when 400 Blows comes around.
Definitely one of the most minimalistic and sincere bands I have been witness to on many an occasion.

I recorded this off the 'webernet a few years ago at the time it aired, plus I made you some sweet-ass cover art too, so double score for you!

Truly a "party band" in every sense of the word...

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400 Blows - 05.18.2004 "Lock Up", BBC Radio

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Sacramento's new Kings of what-I-perceive-to-be Powerviolence just keep getting better and better. Along with the usual million-miles-an-hour battery comes some heavy groove/sludge to keep you on edge.

Why can't there be more bands like this?

This falls somewhere between INFEST and CURSED, and like those two legendary bands, this release is (too) short and sweet.

More, PLEASE....

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Trash Talk - Trash Talk

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Boston's infamous "Glue Crew"...

Here's a nice collection of cuts spanning their entire catalogue, as well as some unreleased material.


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SSD - Power

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Solid "new school-ish" hardcore from Houston TX.

Goes great alongside that kick-ass (final) Modern Life Is War CD (R.i.P.)...

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Die Young - Through the Valleys In Between

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Well, thanks to Cheeto over at the very great Sludge Swamp blog, I have been able to finally re-up the debut CD by NYC's Wetnurse .

Check out Cheeto's blog for all things sludge & doom related - you can also grab the NEW Wetnurse from him while yer at it...


To me, this is the best of the lot as far as Stooges bootlegs go.
I probably listen to this more than any other Stooges release out there.
The mix is dirty - just like the music itself.

Some great takes on some great songs.

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The Stooges - My Girl Hates My Heroin

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I just recorded this live off the web from the WNYU feed as it was goin' down - even made some cover art for you!

While I see them more as "Entombed for the kids who missed Entombed the first time around", there's no denying that they do what they do quite well. I've heard the new record just once so far all the way through, but I have a feeling it will grow on me a bit more soon enough.

No doubt you too will be hearing more about these guys; hopefully bands "on this level" will start wiping out all the ghey-ass post-rock pseudo metal bands around these days that make me wanna puke...

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Trap Them - WNYU 11.06.2008

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I noticed someone has been searching for these guys via my Lijit search box (down there on the right), and figured it was high time to post St. Louis' sludge creeps.

(I probably shouldn't admit to this, but when I initially bought this CD back in 1990, I spent most of that summer eating what probably amounted to a small phonebook worth of blotter acid - not THAT much, really - and listening to this alot, ha)!

Anyways, this record is highly entertaining - as well as unnerving at times).

Good stuff!

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Drunks with Guns - Second Verses

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A request from Laramie, WY's greatest sk8 zine for a re-up of the very first post here on L-R V has been greatfully honored.

Let's go relive the past a bit, shall we?

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Don't forget to cast your vote tomorrow - change is a comin' - so do your part and have your say...



Super drug-addled grunge from the former original drummer of TAD.
It's pretty good as far as "grunge" goes. I'm not even sure I'd call it that really, but seeing as it came from Seattle in 1992 it'd be hard for it NOT to be lumped into that whole "scene".

While it ain't as good as the early TAD records, it does have a hard edge that many of those flannel bands did not, plus you never see this around.

Definitely worthy of your listening, so check it out.

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Willard - Steel Mill

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