The past month has been one filled w/ travel, beer, relaxation, BBQ, beer, good times & beer, so I thought I'd be a pal and punch you right in the dick via this unrelenting slab of violence & aural abuse courtesy of a few gnarly cholo-grinders from the Southland.

These guys came & went way too fast, but the good shit never lasts long, does it? If you're looking for a contemporary band flying this brand of freak-flag, search for BLOODY PHOENIX in the archives of this here blog (if you haven't got that already)...

Excruciating Terror - Divided We Fall

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Okay, so it's been awhile since the last post - nothing new about that - but I've been in Detroit & Mid-Michigan revisiting the family / old friends / new friends / dive bars old & new.

During a moment of clarity between the beer runs & bar runs, I split from my Mom's farm & headed in to "the city" for some free Wi-Fi action at the Wirt Public Library in Bay City & I posted up a little classic-something for you - enjoy!

"Lay down your souls to the gods rock 'n roll!

Metal ten fold through the deadly black hole,

Riding hell's stallions bareback and free.

Taking our chances with raw energy"...

Venom - Black Metal (Deluxe Expanded Edition)

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First of all, look at that cover art and tell me how could this possibly suck? It doesn't.

There is a case to be made for small-town America in the fact that sometimes it is places like Penndel, PA that drive you to release that pent-up sameness of the day-in / day-out small-town mentality, and luckily for us, this is what transpired in the form of Deteriorate. What they brought to the table back in 1993 was some solid American Death Metal. Torturous throat bellowing, chunky riffs, fat bottom-end bass pummel, & some solid drumming driving the way through the cacophony.

A rare-as-fuck lost classic of the genre - relive it or discover it...

Deteriorate - Rotting in Hell

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