There's nothing to hide behind here, and it's not like Fred Cole needs to - motherfucker lays his whiskey-soaked soul out there on the regular - his wife Toody by his side, each of them slinging & swinging their rock-axes through the depths of murky vulnerability.

In the end, they always come through, and if there's one dude in rock 'n' roll who is on the same level that Lemmy is, legend-wise (it certainly ain't Ozzy any more, son), it's Mr. Fred Cole. Dude has been slugging it out on the stage for 48 years now, and the plan is that THERE IS NO PLAN (other than to keep laying it down on the daily until the day he dies).

With soul power like this, there's no need to worry about the immediate future from what I can tell.

Dead Moon - Hard Wired in Ljubljana
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We all know that the Japanese People are inherently cooler than the rest of us, & while these fellas from the oldest city in Japan may not have invented anything new in the grind/gore/death/grind department(s), they cull all the riffs, grind, pummel, blast, & shred from bands we all know & love (like Carcass / Brutal Truth / Cannibal Corpse, etc).

That's a formula that you can't go wrong with.

(To be completely honest, I found out about these guys by connecting w/ the bass player of this band on Instagram. He "liked" some of my photos, so I checked his out & his stream was interspersed w/ grind-metal madness & fluffy little puppies, etc. I'm all like, "WTF?", etc. I look a little closer at his profile & it says, "I play bass guitar in Hydrophobia.")

There is still hope for the internet sometimes.

Hydrophobia - Human Shredder
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