Sweden has produced some of the best - as well as some of the worst - death metal throughout the years.
This next record falls under the "some of the best" category.

Suffer were a short-lived act, putting out a handful of demos & EP's prior to recording "Structures", their only full length (which was to be their final release).

While it was recorded by Tomas Skogsberg at the infamous Sunlight Studios, it does not have "that sound". These guys created a sound they could call their own, and there's a bit of a "hardcore" feel/approach to much of the songwriting. Lots of crunch, lots of time signatures, rad shout/bark vocals, etc.

Check these guys out if you haven't before.

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Suffer - Structures



This choice slab of early Nineties (dare I say) classic death metal has gone unsung by the masses for the most part, but it hasn't left my car CD player for weeks now.
These dudes looked to all be in their early years of high school inn Chicagoland when they recorded this, and for my money, it "out-brutals" a mountain of today's so-called "brootal dethh" bands.
The production is decent for an indie release at the time, the drums are a bit up there in the mix, the riffs / solos aren't always groundbreaking, but there's no-frills here, just the sweet viscera at hand...

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Morgue - Eroded Thoughts



OX is my pick for Record of the Year.

DON'T call it a comeback!!!

Anyways, because I care so deeply about all three of you who frequent my blog /share some of my taste(s), I went ahead and ripped/EQ'd/made cover art for these recently-aired BBC sessions.
Excellent sound, tight musicianship, fierce attack - it's COALESCE.

Enjoy these; maybe the band will release them at some point?
Who knows...

In the meantime, here's a (as the late John Peel would say) "shit-hot" fuckin' gem from them (via me) to you.

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Coalesce - Maida Vale Studios / BBC One Recordings 2009



The early documentation of life "after The Flag" for our boy Hank.

Here's the beginning of the team-up with guitar-beast Chris Haskett - an alliance that would last for many records, and if you dig around in the L-R V archive deep enough you can find an interesting solo record by Mr. Haskett himself.

Plenty of hot-shit cover songs performed here, as well as some of the usual Rollinsism/double-speak backed by a solid and raw lineup behind him.
Shades of things to come, a rarity for sure, and a nice blast from the past if you ask me...

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Henrietta Collins and The Wifebeating Childhaters - Drive By Shooting


Henry Rollins - Hot Animal Machine



If ever there was a NYC band that fit the crossover bill, it would be these guys.
Many would label them as a "joke band" - (that would come later) - but honestly? The riffage on here is no fucking joke, son.

A perfect mix of NYHC-meets-Bay Area Thrash, and for me that's a winning combo on most days...

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Crumbsuckers - Life of Dreams