Here's some somewhat recent (and totally fuckin' decent) hardcore - no metal in it - just straight up old-school first-generation American Hardcore from St. Louis, Missouri.

Lots of fast, noisy riffs, stop-and-go drums, bass lines rumbling right behind the guitars, and manic vocals over top. Although these guys were around in the last few years, these recordings have a "quality" about them that makes them sounds like they are straight out of 1983 or something.
Not retro by any means.

Now, I gotta give credit where it's due, and today I wanna give FASHIONABLE ACTIVISM a shout out for turning me on to these guys a ways back. Thanks for always being one of the best blogs out there - seriously - every post is gold, baby - and for the inspirado, etc.

Below you will find everything F.A. uploaded on his original post, as well as a few other C.P. gems that - as far as I can tell - round out their discography. If I'm missing something, or you have more info for me, let me know - the internet yield on these guys ain't much, but their "punk rock prowess" is indeed chock full of fury…

Civic Progress - Civic Progress
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Eleven minutes of pain, paranoia, fear, anger, & "all-meat-no-filler" power-riffing, repeatedly pummeling you into submission.

I ain't never been to Fort Smith, Arkansas, but a town with "Hell on the Border" as it's motto, I can now understand how a band as fucking hostile & relentless-sounding (as these guys) came to be. They flew way under the radar, and it's not suprising that they were never on Relapse.

Pure fucking grind - that is hard to find these days. Get some.

Rash of Beatings - Rash of Beatings

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Off to Hawaii for a week - see you soon.



Pulled out an old favorite today - some "Destructo Rock" for you from the Queen City (Charlotte, N.C.).

ANTiSEEN is a veritable juggernaut of blood, hatred, barbed wire, washboards, un-PC thinking, & punk rock mayhem all wrapped up in a sleeveless flannel Confederate Flag.

Love them or hate them you're just gonna have to "eat more possum"…

ANTiSEEN - Eat More Possum

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