Another record I was obsessed with a few years back.

I could rattle off some generic cliche' such as "boogie van rock mixed w/ math rock" but that ain't the case. Let's just say that with all the irony in the lyrics, there lies some FAT riffage, and the drumming is solid as fuck.

I saw these guys on this tour and it still stands as one of the greatest shows I have ever been witness to. The interplay between the seriously competent players was dynamic to watch, and "on top" of all that, some of these dudes were in the seminal hardcore band Merel, so there you go...

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Rye Coaliton - On Top

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The last of the really good G.B.H. albums - their third release overall - just so happens to be my favorite as well.
While the levels on this recording could use a good remastering, I feel that this era of G.B.H. proved to be their hardest/heaviest/darkest w/ excellent songwriting.

The cover is pretty awesome, too.

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Charged G.B.H. - Midnight Madness and Beyond.......

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Shortly before the Bay Area's "Kings of Uneasy" set out to record "The Narcotic Story", Eugene & Niko set out on a select-dates tour of the U.S. playing as a duo, the set consisting of favorites of theirs throughout their enitre catalog, as well as some obscure covers.

Here's Oxbow live in the studios of WFMU in Jersey City, NJ performing & being interviewed.

(Enoyable as well as unique, to say the least)...

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Oxbow - 10.26.2004 WFMU Acoustic / Interview Set.

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The KINGS of RVA HC, this collection pretty much covers their entire output - plus you get an unreleased album and some live stuff, too!

(Seriously good, folks)...

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White Cross - Deaf Dumb and Blind

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Enjoy this hot shit Qubecois deathy-grind from Montreal.
If you dug that ASRA I posted earlier (or Watchmaker or Hirudinea or 70% of what I usually post) you'll dig this too.

My Thai food just arrived, so I'm out, yo...

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Clearwater Deathblow - Parasite Cleansing

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More top-shelf musical insanity from these ex-HELLCHILD members.
This stuff runs the gamut from ambient sludge to stony riffage to technical death - all with some of the best vocal stylings around. They existed for only a few years, but disbanded after the death of their bass player.

Excellent stuff, now you can throw away all your shitty post-rock "instrumetal" garbage - here's the real deal as only the Japanese can pull it...

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From Hell - From Hell

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Hyper-as-hell and punk-as-fuck, The Fleshies have consistently kick the collective ass of the Bay Area for nearly 10 years now. They combine some punky three-chord ROCK with gallons of spastic energy, creating a rock experience par excellance!
Singer Johnny No-Monicker is definitely one of the most charismatic front guys I have ever witnessed, and he even dedicated a song to my son Benito Strummer the day he was born. (it was a cover of the Clash's "Koka-Kola", by the way).

They haven't been active in some time now, but they haven't broken up either. These guys always stay busy w/ side projects, etc.

Here's their stellar 2001 hit album - enjoy!

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Fleshies - Kill the Dreamer's Dream

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A classic in the annals of Japanese grind/metal, Force fucking kicked much ass.
(It doesn't hurt when when you have Hellchild on your "rock resume" either).

Did the Howling Bull label ever put out any bad records?
(The correct answer is NO).

I miss the Howling Bull store that was here in S.F. on Valencia St. for a few years.
Fuck, I spent sooo much $$$ on this kind of shit, as well as Japanese comix, wrestling crap, toys, etc. Alas, the "gentrification" of The Mission District came into being, effectively killing off "the scene".
Nowadays, all you see is a bunch of PUSSIES on their fucking ghey-ass fixed gear technicolor 2-wheeled fashion accessories, sporting some ironic little puberty 'stache, & hanging out on "fixie field" in Dolores Park w/ their pudgy sloppily-dressed girlfriends w/ those awful giant white sunglasses. Bitches!

I'll shut the fuck up about "the good 'ol days" now, but I'm tellin' you - it used to punk as fuck here, bro...

Somebody hook me up with some MULTIPLEX, already, damn!

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Force - Force

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While many hardcore "purists" probably dislike this record, I'd have to say it is one of their better LP's.
Of course we all love "Victim In Pain", but this line-up of A.F. to me sounded quite powerful, and I dig the double-bass & guitar solos - I'm sure this bummed out many of the bald-headed meatbags in the crowd.

I'll always love these guys, but to be honest, anything beyond "Liberty & Justice For..." isn't worth listening to.

Enjoy this hardcore classic!

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Agnostic Front - Cause For Alarm

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My homie Aesop posted this on his stellar blog a while back, and I couldn't resist also posting what I feel is one of THE GREATEST death metal albums ever recorded.

This is easily the best DM record to ever come out of the FL DM scene, in my humble opinion. The vocals are fucking pure sickness, and the divebomber-leads-from-hell are second to none in the genre.

I'm gonna shut up about it now, but I will say that this has been my "go to" CD at 8am when I get to work & need to kick it in to high gear.

Never fails, bro.

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Obituary - Slowly We Rot

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I can't remember who requested I re-up Kathy Mcginty a while back, but here it is.
My CD had come up missing, so I couldn't re-up it, but my Nor-Cal partner-in-crime The Leftover King totally came through and delivered the goods!

Go thank him.



Wickedly spastic trashy noisy noisecore unit from Dekalb, IL that never got any love, obviously.

These guys "out-noised" most of the bands on the AmRep roster back in the day, and I can appreciate that.

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Festering Rinyanyons - Flatlander Recluse

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How the fuck do I describe this record other than " I dig this"?

Late last night I decided to go through some old stacks of CD's down in the garage and found this little gem that I was pretty obsessed with about six years ago.
Things were a bit different then - I wasn't a parent yet - and I used to be able to blast tunes & stay up *ahem* "partying" until early the next morning.

This CD was in heavy rotation on most days/nights.

Them days is gone, but the soundtrack to those years remains, and this still sounds good to me.

Lots of fat riffs drilled into the ground, creating a heavy groove w/o quite being hardcore, metalcore, stoner rock, or (ugh) "nu-metal".
This CD is perfect for a late night solo drive through bad weather on a stretch of unfamiliar road - maybe that should have been my entire description for this, huh? - anyways, Sacramento, CA's Will Haven broke up for a few years, then got back together a year or two ago & released a new record but honestly? That record ain't so hot.

Enjoy this shining moment.

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Will Haven - Carpe Diem

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*Quietly re-upped 09.01.2009*



The sheer violence in their sound was like a lullaby to me.
Still bummed they packed it in a while back.


(Dig around the archives, you'll find more shit from these dudes around here).

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Watchmaker - Kill.Fucking.Everyone.

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