Such a good band.
The sound of urgency.
Arguably Buffalo, NY's best HC band ever.

Here's a fantastic-sounding set of furious powerviolence done the way that only these dudes could do it.
There's even an interview at the end.

Fuck the clones - so many new-school PV bands could learn a thing or two about how it's done from the way these guys did it...



For me, it doesn't get much better than when Roky is beltin' it out; his inner demons giving the rest of us a "welcome/warning sign" to climb aboard his alien spacecraft.
This collection chronicles recordings from 1976-1982 w/ his bands The Aliens, as well as with The Explosives. There are also some solo joints on here too.
This is going down well with the heavy rains that have finally hit Northern California today. Enjoy.

Roky Erickson - Mad Dog
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It fucking blows what has happened to so many of my fellow bloggers in the past 2 days - I was lucky enough to not use Megupload - so I am still here. For now. Hopefully this will be the end of the file-hosting crackdowns, and we can get on with it. Hopefully also, those of you who have had your blogs ripped to shreds by the file deletions will hopefully continue onwards. Good luck, comrades.



I thought I'd start your new year off with some completely ugly neanderthal-styled grinding-death metal pummel-action all the way from Victoria, Australia - also known as the home of Victoria Bitter (Lager Beer, ya fuck!)

Damaged didn't get much respect when they were around in the mid-Nineties - at least not here in The States - but that hairy-fat-guy-in-the-cowboy-hat who sings for that "World's Greatest Grindcore Band EVER" (on Relapse) and writes for that fucking shit-awful metal magazine from Philadelphia - sang for them for a minute, so that is probably most people's introduction to these crazy Aussie Bogans.
It's hard to pin this band down - one minute they sound like a mid-era Napalm Death, and the next minute they lock into some chaotic groove that is as noisy & loud as it it is brutal & aggressive.

Definitely an intersting band / recording for the time. A hidden gem, per se'. Check it out.

Damaged - Do Not Spit / Passive Backseat Demon Engines
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