Way back in 2004 in Pittsburgh, PA these guys put out a beast of unsettlingly brutal death-grind.

Serious fretboard calisthenics (but with REAL riffs), manic-running bass lines, and drum patterns that the average person couldn't figure out the time signature of make this record stand on its own - even in this day and age where there's a million 19-year-old tech-geek guitar freaks running around, spouting off about their "brootal" bands, etc.

The internet says they are still on hiatus, but it sure would be nice to see if they ever became active again and try to one-up this release.

A great record for driving home in gridlock traffic.

Commit Suicide - Synthetics

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Sweet anthology of live / rare / out-of-print / hard-to-find / never released tracks of these Orange County hardcores who eventually (de)volved in the overrated/over-hyped mess that is Fu Manchu.
While I expect none of you to agree w/ me about Fu Manchu, the fact remains that Virulence was an interesting band in a far more interesting scene than the "desert rock" vibe. Enjoy this one, educate yourself on some long-lost O.C.H.C.

(Props to that trendy label that put this out. Best record they have released in a LONG time - especially one that doesn't involve the label "heads" as part of the "band")...

Virulence - If This isn't A Dream… 1985-1989

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I realize it's been awhile since I last posted, but I just got a new computer, been working OT all this past week, & on top of it all I've been mulling over thoughts of putting the L-R V to bed for good, but w/ all the great comments lately, I just can't do it - I've put too much into it just to hit the delete button…

I am contemplating another design change SOON, so while the updates may be slow for a bit, I'm not gone, just recharging for the latest campaign - L-R V: Year III.

Thanks for your patronage & patience (as always).



Wonderfully-sickening gore-grind from some a Swedish crew that are some of the most important players in the game, this here hard-to-find-but-crucial-as-fuck (CD-R only) release gathers up their recorded output from a multitude of split releases they belched forth from 1991-2002 - I think - for a total of 78 brain-rattling tracks.

Gurgly gut-churning vocals, grindy-blurr riffs w/ a smidge of melody here & there, backed with a franticly blasting backline makes this collection a keeper...

Regurgitate - Easy Swallowin' Bloody Gore E-Piece




While I'm finding less & less time to devote to Lo-Res Viscera, I am also finding the desire to do what I do here waning as of late.
The lack of comments -which I realize is the one thing all bloggers bitch about- versus the amount of download activity is enough to make me seriously think about killing Lo-Res off altogether.

I've been doing this thing long enough to know what sets a good blog apart from "just another blog", and I feel like I may be nearing the end of the road - who knows? The one thing I do know is that there is gonna be some major changes happening around here very soon, and what the future holds around here, well, I'm just not sure...

I am not into "group" blogs that much, I'm not interested in adding people to upload to L-R V, and I'm not really interested in joining someone else's blog - blogs are meant to be personal - and while there is no hardline as to what it is or what I think it should be, the bottom line for L-R V is that unless the level of feedback from you guys out there in internetland speak up, share stories, bitch & moan, praise me or hate me, trade links - whatever, really - I may just pack it in soon w/o warning.

Your honest opinion on the bleak outlook of the future of L-R V is greatly appreciated.


Honestly, there's not much I can tell you about Erie, PA other than it was a railroad hub in the early days and then evolved into a steel-mill town.
Also, it's not too far from Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland or NYC.

This brings us to Abngeation - Erie's hardline sXe crew whose sounds was an amalgamation of all those flavors of the bands from the aforementioned towns.
While they may get lumped in w/ the militant hardline thing, their sound evolved in to one that included many elements of thrash/speed metal, as well as eventually becoming sludgy, dark & heavy.

These guys were unique in delivery, but sadly, they packed it in after five years while the rest of the world is stuck with ear-turds like Earth Crisis & Hatebreed...

Abnegation - Verses of the Bleeding

Link removed 12.10.2010 due to leeching via Punks & Skins.com. At least ask me before you just go ahead & hotlink / cut & paste 100% of my post content, ya fucks...