Some solid d-beat-ish rockin' crusty hardcore from Oslo, Norway.

Somewhere along the way they gained a female singer from Seattle, WA who has a thick wail throughout - take that, guy who whined 'cuz I didn't post bands with women in them - here's yet another...

Really nice stuff; at times it gallops like Motörhead, and at others it breaks down into a "heavy-with-melody" kind of thing, reminding me a bit of old Germanic thrash-rippers like Inferno.

Yeah, it's good, and they packed it in before their time if you ask me.

Dig around on the 'webernet a little bit & you can track down all their goodies straight from their own site, I believe.

Check it out.

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Hevn - What Goes Around... Comes Around

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A side project of various members of such heavyweight acts as Phobia & Dystopia, Mange somehow create dark& sludgy grindcore - is it possible to be heavy whilst also blasting-the-fuck-out?

Indeed it is, and these guys are proof!

While I'm at it, I have to mention the harmonic-ness that is this post alongside my good friend Batguano over at Fugitive Equilibrium.
The man always has stellar taste, and if you dig this Mange stuff make sure you visit FE to grab the also-bad-assness that is the Mange - "Junkie" Demo.

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Mange - Disillusioned

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Balls-out hardcore from the era before metal influence hit the scene, these guys started in D.C. in the early eighties before eventually ending up in Seattle.
What I find most interesting is that they don't "sound" like a Seattle or D.C. hardcore band to me - they have a unique sound all their own.

I always thought they were from Texas for some reason, like San Antonio or Corpus Christi - why? I'm not sure...
Anyways, enjoy this fine collection of quality rockin' hardcore that is power-fuckin-packed from beginning to end.

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Christ On A Crutch - Spread Your Filth: The Doughnut & Bourbon Years

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I just found out that Jonithin Christ died on March 5th. due to complications (I'm assuming from the brain tumor he had removed a while back).

The news of his passing saddens me, as his various bands' music always had a profound effect on me -
still does.

When I first heard the split Code of Honor did w/ Sick Pleasure back in 1985 whilst living in small-town Michigan, it completely blew me away on every level.
I hadn't heard hardcore be so emotive without being "pussy", and as musicians, they certainly weren't hacks.

This record became a daily anthem to me, I skated to this on a daily basis for years to come, I made a sick-ass t-shirt as well that I certainly wish I still had...

When I moved to SF in 1992, I was well-versed in SF/Bay Area HC & Thrash, and Maximum Rock and Roll & Thrasher Magazines' were my fucking bible for years prior, so I was pretty much set - all I had to do was get to SF & I would find my true home.

That formula for the most part still works for me; MRR & Thrasher pretty much suck these days, but the attitude/outlook I gained in my formative years from said publications has groomed me in a way that still hold true in my daily life.

I wrote to Jonithin for awhile a few years ago; I had done an interview with him for one of the many failed blogs I had before this one, and he was nothing but kind in his words that he had for others and his outlook for life was one of compassion - far more than I could ever have for humanity.

Take a moment to listen to one of the best hardcore bands that ever was.

Thanks, Jonithin.


Code of Honor - The Complete Studio Recordings: 1982 - 1984


First off, thanks for hanging in there while I took a little time off.

Had a great time hanging out with my brother, road trippin' to Santa Cruz, eating decadent meals nightly, and I think the thing I really enjoyed the most was being able to drink fine beers at 10am on a Monday - haven't done that since I was a dirthead scumbag, i.e., "pre-fatherhood"!

Koro was a shooting-star of hardcore fury straight out of The Marble City - Knoxville Tennessee.
While their name may sound like they are Japanese, the only semblance of that would be in the energy & power they put into their music.

You can't go wrong with this, folks...

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Koro - Speed Kills +




(That's the name of the game when it comes to Terrorizer).

It's not like this is a rare or exclusive post for the L-R V - you can find it everywhere on the 'ol webernets - it's just that it is so fucking damn good (and I can't stop listening to it right now, must go to bed!) that I had to post it.

Jesse Pintado was a fucking beastly 6-string motherfucker whose talents in the deathgrindcrust realms go/went nearly unparalelled.
(Actually, the pedigree of this whole band is mind-boggling to say the least).

Enough of my gushing already, see for yourself if you aren't already the proud owner of said piece of grind history.

The L-R V will probably be somewhat inactive for the next week - just warning you now.

My brother is visiting from Detroit & I plan on taking the time to eat too much good food, drink more beer than I usually do, take a road trip to Tahoe or Santa Cruz for the day, and hopefully the weather will be killer for my son's 6th. birthday on Sunday in the park.

In my abscence, I suggest you peruse the archive - or better yet - VISIT THE BLOGS IN THE LINK SIDEBAR!

Anyone who is listed there is at least as on their game as I am - these are daily visits for me - and it ain't just anybody who gets a link from me, pal!
They all put forth a true effort at representing the bands they post, so the least you could do when you get blessed with some wicked (and free!) new tunes is drop a comment and say thanks/hello, etc. We all really appreciate it.

Enjoy the music!

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Terrorizer - World Downfall

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Some excellent Brazilian Hardcore (they always do HC well, don't they?) that pretty much runs the gamut of all things old-school whether we're talking hardcore, thrash, crust, etc.
These guys know how to mix it up well without sounding like are emulating anyone.

I wish I could tell you more about their history as I don't know much about them - (especially like, "what's up with that name?") - but I will tell you that they have been kicking the ass of my ears for the past week or so at 7am whilst driving in the Battle Toaster on my way in to work each morning...

Excellent riffs, nice guitar tone, rabid drumming, and those high-and-low back-and-forth crust-inspired vocals? You'll find them all here, check it out!

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Presto? - Atentado Sonoro

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Straight-the-fuck-up no-bullshit face-ripping blastcore from this relentless crew of grinders from The City of Angels, this is some serious meat-and-potatoes grind-violence that is destined to become a classic record in the years to come.

I wonder if I could string together any more hyphenated word-phrases?

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Bloody Phoenix - War, Hate & Misery

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