This record was recorded on Satan's Wax-Cylinder Dictophone itself...

The guitars / bass / drums played on this recording were complete enemies - there is no "in unison attack here".
Said / alleged instruments attacked the fuck out of each other at all times, unreleting in their pursuit of domination!

Vocals that barely range out of the "I just got punched hard & repeatedly in the throat" area, but when it does venture up from the decrepit cesspool, they go for the outer orbits & hit that "angel screaming/dying in slow-and-painful agony" zone.

At times, this record almost sounds as though it is playing at the wrong speed - but man - it is SO fucking RIGHT



Leave it to a bunch of creepy fuckers from small-town Ohio way back in the early Eighties to create this first-generation thrashy-death metal masterpiece!

Horror lyrics, hints of gore, plenty of speed, a smattering of doom, buckets of brutal/creepy riffage, topped with layer upon layer of raspy "cretin-esque" vocalage - this is one of the very first death metal album that sounded like this, kids…

Necrophagia - Season of the Dead

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There was never anything cool about these guys when they were around - do you even know who the fuck they are - probably not, unless you lived in S.F. in the Nineties & were into house parties, small shows at venues at warehouses, smoking speed, etc.

What the fuck happened to MY San Francisco?

The fucking bands that come out of here these days are so fucking ball-less / so fucking "not scary" / so fucking not original - of course there are a few exceptions - but for the most part, this town has become obsessed with sissy-haired white boys in women's jeans jumping about playing crappy pop-influenced BULLSHIT.

  • Fuck your fixed-gear bike.

  • Fuck your "weird beard".

  • Fuck your coffee shop.

  • Fuck your "skinny jeans".

  • Fuck your "fully sleeved overnight" trendy tattoos.

  • Fuck you fat "girlfriend" with the big sunglasses.

(The Icky Boyfriends were never appreciated when they were around - they still aren't - but they were fucking genius back in the days before the internet ruined everything that was cool. One of a kind band, really, but you won't get it)…

Watch the Icky Boyfriends' full-length movie

Icky Boyfriends - A Love Obscene

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