Sometimes I don't want to share the goods, bro.
I'm sorry.
Every now and then though, there comes a record that just defies genre by creating the perfect brew of all things good about all things punk / metal, etc.

Serious stoner jams - but not in that "Stoner Rock" cliche' kind-of-way.
The "heaviness of the load" runs DEEP here, son.
If there was ever a record that could GET you high w/o you actually being high, here it is.

Unsung WestBayKoalition / Doomryderz ATTACK!!!

"You better axe somebody…

Altamira - Point of Impact
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Sorry for the lack of updates - while February is the shortest month of the year, it is also a busy time for me, what with THIS going on as of late. That translates to lots of long bar shifts, lots of late nights, lots of GREAT beer, lots of liver punishment, and raging hangovers.

Speaking of raging, one sorely-missed thrash unit that fucking killed it was Rammer. Like their local T.O. comrades CURSED, they came & went too soon. The good times just weren't meant to last, it seems…

Rammer - 01.18.2004 CIUT / Toronto, Canada
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In the Great Battle of the Twin Cities back in the Eighties, it must have been hard to pick a side.
For me it is - not that I'd want to, honestly - but the "Big Two" (Hüsker Dü & The Replacements) - made for some serious Midwest rock bad-assery back in my formative years.

This here collection is an early (live) boot with some excellent sound quality - the year is 1989, and we find the 'Mats out on the road in support of Tom Fuckin' Petty!?!
I'd garner to say, it would have been great to see these guys open, mop the floor with their superior rock power, & then bail the fuck out afterwards to the dive bar down the street...

Bob Stinson was a fuckin' BEAST of a guitar player - Thank you.

The Replacements - Shit, Shower, & Shave
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