Sacramento's new Kings of what-I-perceive-to-be Powerviolence just keep getting better and better. Along with the usual million-miles-an-hour battery comes some heavy groove/sludge to keep you on edge.

Why can't there be more bands like this?

This falls somewhere between INFEST and CURSED, and like those two legendary bands, this release is (too) short and sweet.

More, PLEASE....

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Trash Talk - Trash Talk

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  1. Really outdoing yourself and getting miles ahead with that photo shop. Digging that bro. Talk about digging, these guys are incredible. What a perfect blend of sludge and pv. Thanx for enlightening.

  2. i've been killing this thing for the last few months and trash talk are one of the few bands that can really slay that old stompy style of hardcore.

  3. It's saddening me that I'm just finding out that you blog.

    Also; Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii J!

  4. Thanks I just moved back to Sacramento so I am stoked to finding out about this band, fucking amazing stuff can't wait to catch them live.

  5. This band sucks almost as much as their horrible macho attitude.

  6. Bill -

    I take it your a sensitive guy.
    You're better off blogging about bullshit like Valient Thorr or "Sweet Cobra". Can you say GHEY!?!

    If you don't like it, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    I've checked out your blog in the past, and while I like many of your posrts, I wouldn't waste my time (or yours for that matter) being a fucking troll, slagging off with shitty comments what you like and what you took the time to write or share.

    That shit is for internet noobs, Bill.

    Grow up.

  7. I gots it, yo.
    There's a live 10" out now as well that is good (as far as live recordings go).

  8. \nThey have a wonderful 7\" on deathwish the album art is awesome as well.

  9. This band rules. When was the last time they actually played in Sacramento??????


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