I noticed someone has been searching for these guys via my Lijit search box (down there on the right), and figured it was high time to post St. Louis' sludge creeps.

(I probably shouldn't admit to this, but when I initially bought this CD back in 1990, I spent most of that summer eating what probably amounted to a small phonebook worth of blotter acid - not THAT much, really - and listening to this alot, ha)!

Anyways, this record is highly entertaining - as well as unnerving at times).

Good stuff!

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Drunks with Guns - Second Verses

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  1. Great stuff, thanks so much for this!

  2. fuuuuuck yes! i wasn't the one searching, but i always loved this band. thanks a ton dude!!

  3. If yer gonna take acid (I done my share + a few other people's share) then this is the shit for sure. This and early Steel Pole Bath Tub. And Happy Flowers.

    Thanks a million...

  4. You must have been doing acid w/ me Steve cuz I ALMOST mentioned SPBT in my writeup as being the other big one for me that summer...

  5. I almost forgot about these guys. Haven't listened to them in years. Thanks.

  6. Oh man, thanks for this. A million times over.

  7. Holy shit. This is some great stuff. I just finished talking to Henry from Chunklet about all these DwG test pressings he found in Cincinnati...

  8. Ape -

    Glad yer diggin' it!
    Mind re-upping that NA you got on your fine blog for me?
    And give me a link too, willya?

  9. Man, fucking great post - only took me 2 1/2 years to find it. Don't know how I ever missed these guys but this is some of the best lo-fi sludge I have ever heard, old-school Sloth comes to mind in the best way. Wicked awesome to say the least - thanks again!


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