Um, this is before the lawsuit/name change.
Some trashy & raw punk-ass demo cuts from these L.A. legends.
You don't see this around much, so check it out.

Something a bit different from the L-R V for a change...

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Red Cross - Born Innocent Demo Tapes

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  1. Anyone know what kind of guitar that is? Maybe a Jaguar knock-off? I really want one. 'cause with the sloppy way I play, it's all about the aesthetics.

  2. I'm not real sure, but yeah, it's a fuckin' beaut.

  3. I was able to download this on the second try. I'm not sure what happened the first time. Thanks for timely response Lo-Res Viscera, and for the kind words you left over at DM. Take care.

  4. The Mc brothers still kick it around Hollyweird. Real musician type tudes! can't blame them though, just sucks to see they fit in more with the 'Guitar Center' hair crowd
    Thank you for this, and a lot of other things. Rg

  5. Yeah, nothing after Teen Babes from Monsanto & this can I say that I really like. I don't really like the Born Innocent final mixes, but I do dig these demos & Teen Babes fucking kills.

    Yeah, Guitar Center.
    We got 'em here too, ugh!


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