Something a bit different this time, an early Eighties classic "pre-noise rock" record all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand…

The Gordons were a three-piece that melded bombastic sheets of noise with power & melody. Somewhat akin to a band like Gang of Four, but with a deeper element of energy, chaos & suspense.
I'd be surprised if you've never heard them / heard of them, but if not, here's a perfect opportunity to hear a timeless record that I - maybe even YOU - will find is an easy listen right next to anything else featured here on the L-RV...

The Gordons - The Gordons / Future Shock EP


  1. Apologies for the off-topicness, but I was just watching the Left Hand Path video, and it struck me as six minutes of the Lo-Res Vis visual style:


    Or the other way around, whichever. Keep up the great work!

    1. Ah hah!!!

      There it is...

      Yes, Jim, early Entombed (Left Hand Path & Clandestine, specifically) are some of my favorite albums ever, so yeah...

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. unfknblvabl.... Had the iphone on random today down the local mall, up came Future Shock & was thinking how.... 'more people need to hear this' etc - & here it is on your blog. Have owned that piece of vinyl since it came out. Always loved the cover. A NZ friend used to see them play back in the day. He says they were great live. Their 1st album & other stuff available is great too. I'm surprised you think people have heard of them as I assumed nobody outside of NZ and a few Aussies like me had any idea. Sorry to hear you stopped blogging for now. Thanks for introducing me to lots of cool stuff. Hope you back on the air soon. All the best.

  3. First time today 28/07/2013 , i just discover your blog and now i know is no longer avalaible, well, best vibes and thanks for :

    The icemen - rest in peace Ep

    Cheers from Chile! :)


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