Absolute classic album here, folks.

This is the sound of pain & suffering - for me it is an elixir that quenches "the ugly of the beast within". This record has BEEN THERE for me on so many occasions, and probably for you too, if you're a regular reader / leecher of the L-R V.

There's been alot of Sludge Bands over the years, and they all take a little bit from this record right here. Whether it be the look, or the sound, these filthy NOLA boys got it right before anyone else - because IT was REAL. Times have changed & so have their lifestyles a bit - that's a good thing. Dive into the abuse...

Eyehategod - Take As Needed For Pain

With a new year upon us, it's time for a new format around here.
This is not how I want it, but something has to be done if this blog is to survive.
Online file hosts are being pressured into locking down links as quick as they go up, so until further notice, the titles of my posts will no longer mention the name of the band. Hopefully this will help a bit.
Also, there will be no mention of where the link is - just check the comments.
If anyone has a better suggestion than this, let me know.

I want to shut this down every day, but not as much as I want to keep it up & running…


  1. Thanks for this. Great stuff. I know you do mostly whole albums so not mentioning the band name in text is a good idea. I ran into getting flagged on my music blog and reverting to using more pictures to get across who/what the post is about. This has worked well when I'm doing a mixtape with 20+ artists. I couldn't tell which artist or album was being the prick. So now I do a screen capture of the playlist so downloaders can see who is on it without me having to type the name - and draw the fuzz. Hurts SEO - but loyal followers know where it's at. Good luck. Cheers brother.

    1. Thanks man.
      Yeah, trying to dupe the Feds' robots & whatnot is fucking annoying to say the least.
      We'll see he long all of this lasts...

  2. Thank you.
    Hope you keep going,
    It's great to rediscover music I've forgotten about / lost and find new stuff too.

  3. After years of live seeing bands play it is hard to remember specific details about them. I saw Eye Hate God play with Buzzoven, Chaos UK, and others but I cannot remember a thing about them playing. The only think I can remember is hanging out with the singer while my buddy interviewed him for a zine. The rest of EHG were sound checking and my buddy asked if the singer needed to go sound check. he replied in a matter of fact fashion that sound checking was bad luck. I wish I could remember if he was right.

  4. Fucking awesome! I was just wondering recently if anyone still thought about these guys. Still one of the best sludge bluesy slow sludgy bands of all time. I wasn't there but apparently when they played in my home town the singer shot up ON STAGE. I really liked "confederacy" too. most folks had written them off by then. Killer post for someone new to E.H.G.

    1. Did people write them off?

      I think everything up to "Preaching the End-Time Message" stands on it's own for the most part.
      The one I just mentioned seems to be a contractual agreement thing, or just something to put out there so they can have some $$$ coming in.

      I'm looking forward to this band never quitting...

  5. They just toured here (Australia) a couple of months ago. I didn't see them but a lot of mates who did said they are still brutal and the shows were great.


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