They've been around for like, ever, and they're still doing it in 2008.
Here's a grand collection of early output by these L.A. powerviolence mongers that you can listen to from start-to-finish with each song sounding unlike the last...

D/L Despise You - West Side Horizons right here.


  1. Jumped on that one right away dude. You were telling the truth when you said that each song is different from the next. My exposure to powerviolence has doubled or tripled since discovering your site. Thank god for the Leftoverking. later

  2. Man,you got all the good shit.Thanks for making my Ipod a deadly weapon.

  3. Downloaded this, leaving mad props. Amazing band, thought I remembered them having an awesome cover of Memories of Tomorrow but all this shit stands the test of time for sure. Hope I can see them somewhere this summer. Anyway, thanks.


  4. Colohan!

    Thanks for checking me out, dude.

    Your band fucking KILLS IT, by the way, and if you guys ever make out to the Bay Area again (or you need some sk8 gear) feel free to hit me up.

    I saw these guys about a month ago, and they did not disappoint; probably hadn't seen them in nearly 10 years, and it still fucking ruled.


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