While I liked nearly everything that came out in the first-generation of Dischord releases (and hardly ANY of them after that), the split VOID did w/ Ian's little brother's band knocked my young skate-rat ass to my knees and maybe even scared me a little bit.
Yeah, I'd heard Black Flag, but nothing had hit me like that did at the time.

Roll time forward like 20 years and I've been living in S.F. for quite awhile.
I end up meeting Chris Stover - the bass player - at a show at a club I worked at. Nice guy, entertains my fan-boy memories of one of the greatest HC bands that ever walked the face of this earth, etc.
He burns me a CDR of the long-lost "3rd. LP" - needless to say I am pretty stoked.

Move the clock ahead a few more years.
I'm at a parent/teacher "meet-and-greet" potluck thingy at my kids' preschool when I look across the room and damn if I don't see Chris standing there.
His daughter & my son are classmates. We proceed to talk about music and "how good this pizza is".

Anyways, this record is nothing like that split record.
Still, it has it's own charm, and to me, it's a pretty special recording.
I hope you dig it too.
(Comments or dialogue would be nice - it's been pretty devoid of that around here as of late)...

D/L Void - Potion for Bad Dreams right here.

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  1. VOID´s a fucken powerhouse! cheerz!

  2. Holy Shit! I never thought I'd ever hear this (I didn't think anyone had it)! After all these years...

    Unbelieveable story too. Thanks for sharing it and the VOID!

  3. Well Dude that's one thing you can count on is comments from me. I check your site daily and I just don't understand how sites like yours can get so many hits and no comments. My rule of thumb, is that if I download I leave a comment. I haven't installed a hit counter because I don't want to know how many people have stopped by without commenting. I would love it if they just told me it sucks

    I got the Faith Void split a 20+ years ago and would have to say i favored the Void side. These guys stood by themselves when compared to other discord bands. I can't wait to give this a listen.

  4. Thanks a lot! I simply love Void, these guys were way, way ahead. I love the guitar and the fact everything sounds so freaking intense.

  5. This is pretty interesting. I never have heard this. I always loved Void. They had a real brutal rawness to their sound, which seems pretty absent on this recording. this kind of reminds of the wanky pseudo-metal albums SSD and DYS put out at the end of their runs. Cool to hear it though.

  6. Thanks for sharing this! (oops, & the DRI demo that I downloaded the other day, thanks too)
    Fernando :)

  7. AH! I had no clue you put this up! Is it an unmolested version (no cut off tracks blah blah blah)? Thankee Sai!

  8. Incredible blog! Thank you for sharing this music. I have been looking for Void and got to hear some bands I never heard before. I appreciate your hard work on this site.

  9. Often I feel I shouldn't be here as I don't know this stuff already, but then I guess that's kind of the point. Awesome stuff sir. Thank you.

  10. No need to be shy around here, Tom.
    None of this music is above anyone; I only post what I like, and I certainly ain't about trying to be the coolest guy on the block, otherwise I'd be writing/posting about indie/altie pop or something.
    Not even sure if that's what's cool these days, but I ain't into it, ha!


  11. I was really bummed out when I heard Sean died this year. These guys were an all out aural assault. Way back when Who Are You? still made it onto about 85% of every compilation cassette tape I made for tape trades.

  12. The last track is titled "Lose My Cool" for the folks playing at home. I found this out through another copy of PFBD on a different blog which was much poorer sound quality but included some extra demos of Red Death which were nothing special.

    I loved reading your description of hearing Void for the first time. An ex girlfriend put Ignorant People on a mixtape for my 15 year old self and it blew out a hole in the side of my skull, it turned hardcore on its head for me. Void are still my favourite band to date and I am the only person I know who can sit through this album the whole way through : )

    Absolutley adoring your blog, I found it looking for the new Gehenna record a few days ago and it has ripped any remaining bits of skull from my head with some fantastic tunes.

    sean, brisbane, australia


  14. digging through the old LRV posts to see if I missed anything and found this! great post-thanks!

  15. hi there. i discovered this band not too long ago. i think i heard them couple of years ago but maybe my mind was not ready for them i dont know... but i heard that split some time ago and now i formed a band with some friends because of that music. thanks a lot for this record, and i think i've downloaded more music from here before, thanks for that too.


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