Many bands claim they are Powerviolence, but if you ask Man Is The Bastard who actually is, they'd tell you that these guys are the real deal - (as well as Apartment 213).
I'd have to agree.

Enjoy one of S.F.'s most notorious bands - these guys live their day-to-day lives even harder & faster than their music.
You've been warned...

D/L Capitalist Casualties - Subdivisions In Ruin right here.

Now playing: Crossed Out - Vacuum


  1. Forgot to mention it's art what you do to these live pictures. Makes them special to your site, especially this CC one.

  2. Hey thanks, J.

    I have a good time doing it, and sometimes I find a rad band shot that calls for a posting, ya know?
    I enjoy fucking around w/ photoshop, tweaking shit, etc.

    I'm glad someone besides myself seems to like it too...

  3. Man, a friend just pointed me here and you are just Captain of the Wayback Machine.
    I saw Capitalist Casualties in like '90 or '91 at the Omni in Oakland. They played this punkfest, like 12 fucking hours of bands. I was there primarily to see the Melvins who were playing last. With a brass ring like that, I don't remember much of the other bands. I do remember the Melvins opened with about 10 minutes of feedback which about 90% of the place loathed. I loved it. In lieu of a pit during the noise blast, a big squish against the railing started up.
    Fucking Melvins. Awesome.

  4. Jeff and Athena are supercool

    just want to comment
    yeah what you do with the photoshop is realy extra special
    i need to get me some photoshop skills



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