I was cleaning out the garage this weekend and found a box of old VHS tapes.
In there was this gem, so I thought I'd fire up my old VCR (they're all old now, aren't they) and record the audio from this solid performance of the best D.R.I. line-up from back in the day.

I wonder what any of their records after "4 of A Kind" sound like; haven't heard anything since - which, by the way - I love said album (as well as the early years).
Lots of fond memories of hot late night sk8 road trips around MI in the summertime, etc.
One for the ages, enjoy my boredom...

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D.R.I. - 06.27.1987 Live at The Ritz, NYC

Now playing: From Hell - Words Mislead You


  1. hmmm....i've never been a fan of post dirty rotten lp d.r.i. maybe i'll check this out.

  2. word up brah, forx for life. man this is good, ever since i saw the video to "beneath the wheel" i've been scared to listen to crossover thrash era dri, but this is good. COUCH SLOUCH!!!

  3. This is my favorite DRI period, the perfect mix of hardcore and metal. It seems like they played live my town every few months back in 86-87 and Dealing With It is the soundtrack to my teenage years.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifOPAB7M_DY

  5. Don't know if I actually saw this show or not, but it's possible, which is pretty exciting. I doubt that listening will tip me one way or another to be sure, but I'm looking forward to it in any case! Thanks.

  6. Man, it's been ages since I watched this gig. I have this on VHS also and can't watch it anymore because I don't own a player. If I can remember, I haven't seen this since I had a job and that was like 25 yrs ago, hehe. Gonna grab this when I get back, just dropping by. Thanks for this in advance.

  7. Immediate post-4oaK DRI was pretty bad. 'Thrashzone' sounded like they had decided to really dumb it down - the song 'In The Pit' had a fake crowd sound going through it. I gave up after that. My favorite is 'Dealing With It' - the tracks are nuts and that cover was exactly how I saw the world that year!

  8. Yeah, after 4oaK I didn't like the lineup, and they totally lost their thrash. Weird.
    Dealing With It was some strong stuff, and Violent Pacification as well. Both classics!

  9. like an indian from outer space, drunk and high on weeed.


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