Straight-ahead / fast-as-fuck / chaotic / Zorlac--shreddin' skatecore from Houston, TX. fronted by none other than John "Tex" Gibson & Todd Prince - both major (pro) players in the Texas skate(rock) scene back in the eighties.
John can still rip it these days - I'm assuming Todd does as well, and while this isn't your usual "tough guy" hardcore, it is without a doubt a solid piece of hardcore / skate rock history.
"Skaterock" as a sub-genre hasn't held up real well over the years (if at all, really), and these guys were better than most of the pack - that goes for skating ability as well as rockin' ability, by the way.

Goes down down great with some snapback-gnarlers on fat coping (followed by a couple cold ones, bro)...

Bark Hard - The National Band of Texas

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  1. yeah i hear ya man fucking computers ha.i click on it then it opens in another tab and still says the same thing. it sucks since you got some bad ass shit on here!

  2. ARMEDnHAMMERED5/26/2009 03:15:00 PM

    Good post.I already have it but obscure stuff like this should be heard by more people.CHEERS

  3. I had a John Gibson deck back in the day and a Craig Johnson. I liked Zorlac decks. I always wanted the Big Boys deck but never got one. Great post....Thank you.......Mr.T

  4. ice cold beers! 

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  10. Would you please re-upload this? Thank you.

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