One of San Francisco's greatest musical entities WITHOUT A DOUBT.

Many have tried to conjure the raucous aural ugliness that is Flipper, but there can be only one king, duh!

Here's a wonderful set w/ great sound from a time when they were at their most ferocious; the din they create is sheer beauty, the banter is caustic, and did I mention they were tight as fuck on this night? Yeah...

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Flipper - 06.28.1981 The Keystone, Berkeley, CA (KALX Benefit)

(Because I am not a dick I will share with y'alls what I consider to possibly be my favorite Flipper recording.
Leave a comment will ya?
The dialogue around here has dwindled down to nearly nothing lately. Fuckin' leeches man, I tell ya)...


  1. awesome, thanks!

  2. Awesome post, great set by one of my favorites, crazy to think this set was laid down like three months before I was born. For what it's worth I started posting music on my blog too, check it out if you can be bothered.


  3. Moz - What's your blog URL?
    Let's trade some links, and - hell yeah - I wann acheck out your blog, dude :)

  4. Thanks, Lo-Res

    I love Flipper

  5. Hey dude, my url is skullofamoose.blogspot.com thanks for the interest, I've already got a link to your blog up!


  6. will d/l when i can...fuck the freeloaders!

  7. Jason M. Donovan10/05/2009 07:53:00 PM

    <span style="color: #777777; ">The only Flipper story of any sort I have is about a guy named Kurt I knew back when I was living in Rochester during the very early 90s. He lived in his car and had a small but good record collection in there. I asked to borrow some of it and he let me borrow SOME of what I asked. One thing he let me check was Flipper's Love Canal/Ha Ha Ha 7". A quick Google search would confirm this, but I remember it being Alternative Tentacles #7. His car got impounded and I heard about 6 months later he had moved out to the west coast to live with his sister and had converted to Christianity. Over the years a lot of my record collection has gotten lost/damaged/stolen, but somehow I still have that 7"...</span>

  8. Thank you for this.  I missed Flipper when I was just living out in NorCal this past year and I am kicking myself for it.

  9. You're always welcome, Rog.
    How's it hangin' bro?

  10. Thanks for this, flipper are undoubtedly awesome.

    I just wanted to let you know that all the comments have been showing up as empty white fields for me; the person who commented's name is visible but no text (I'm in using firefox btw).

  11. <span style=""><span style=""><span style="">Fuckin' leeches man, I tell ya!</span></span></span>

  12. Well that is sucky, I'll look into it.
    I'll try a few different computers & browsers, see what happens, etc.

    Thanks for letting me know.

    Anybody else?

  13. This one is definitely "I guess you had to be  there" department. Don't think I'll listen to it again but super fun to imagine being there!


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