Maybe it's the Darvocet hangover speaking right now - no work today, hurt my back - but to be honest with you, this collection of early Crüe sessions (1981-1982) is fucking raw, & fun as hell to listen to!

While "Too Fast for Love" is a tad poppy & slightly "candy-coated" in its red-and-black swagger-attack, these demos are back-alley dirty & chock full of passion! Vince Neil's vocals are screechy as hell, Mick's gutter-guitar tone sounds like it's coming from a $40 amp - the way it SHOULD sound, and the drums are big and booming, (or is that the bass)? Ha ha.

Overall the mix is excellent on these early takes - there's a muddy track or two, no big deal - and of course you'll hear a few mistakes/off-notes, etc. but the constant throughout is a fire that burned strong; long before they became the parody that they are today...

Mötley Crüe - The Early Sessions

Link in comments.


  1. haha, would not have guessed you'd post this. I'll have to give it a spin.

  2. curious. definitely going to give this a listen...

  3. They were actually a pretty good band for the first two albums - This collection has their 4-song demo (two songs ended up on their pre-LP 45) and the Elektra demo, recorded after the first album was released but before they got spit-shined for a major label. Thanks!

  4. I definitely enjoy the first album, and sometimes I can stomach "Shout at the Devil" as well, but the demos here are just all-around the best stuff they've done in my opinion. I tend to enjoy the early stuff/demos by most bands...

  5. I've been meaning to listen to some early Crue lately. This will definitely do. Thanks for making my day.

    How often does deluxe hire warehouse workers? Thinking about possibly moving west sooner than later.

  6. Too Fast For Love was the first record I ever bought, and I'll stand by the first 3 Crue records (that's right, I said the first 3) until the day I die. Mick's guitar tone on those early records is beastly.

  7. I'm doing something right if I get a comment from Gamefaced ;)

  8. ; )
    seriously pissed off the office girls today with this one...
    it's ok tho cause its my payback for having to listen to their kings of leon every.goddamn.day.
    thanks for your assistance -revenge was fucking sweeet.

  9. No prob, V - glad I could help!
    I don't play so well with others sometimes either ;)

  10. Jeremy "Metal Madman"4/06/2010 05:22:00 PM

    Thanks for the Crue, man! The new Ratt sounds good too...I miss Cinderella...


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