While the Cavalera Brothers have moved on to newer/groovier pastures - as has the current lineup of this band - there was a time long ago when four like-minded hombres came together & created one of the greatest "pure thrash" metal records ever conceived.

Aggressive on all levels, the drumming is relentless and spends most of its time in a drag race with the razor-sharp riiffing. The vocals are no-frills/full-throated crossover-style, and when this thing came up on my iPod today at work during shuffle mode, I had one of those moments of, "Holy Shit - I forgot all about this record!" and had to turn it up loud (at 8:15am) and remember how great these guys were - even if it was only for (maybe) one record more (Arise).

Sepultura - Beneath the Remains

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  1. wouldn't it be dumb to copy and paste the comment i left over on FB
    i'll just say "right on"

  2. It was the summer of 2000 (if i'm not mistaken)that i buuyed this cd. as i was already stunned by chaos a.d and arise i gave in a local record store 22 euros (back in the day that was a hell of money - still the most expensive record i ever buyed) with anxiety all over my body. i remember like it was yesterday the first time i heard stronger than hate and the fast as hell chugga chugga (since now i think igor cav as one of the best drummers ever)or the spastic riffs of slaves of pain. i can remember headbanging all-night with this album on repeat with my best friend while his mom staring at us like lucifer haunted us...
    i can remember... and propably one of the best buys i have ever done, sure this album payed-off his money even if i could find it in a much lower price (in a mega store -- supermarke thing for records i found it 4.99 euros... hehe) time is changing...

    "Hate through the arteries
    Mass Hypnosis
    Uncertain of being back
    They make you feel so good
    Everything's darkened
    Obey like a fool"

    thanx for the memories...

  3. I too, forgot about this record, thanks!

  4. I bought the cd back in '89 at a shop in Tampa, and immediately taped a copy to send to my brother as I knew he and his friends were going to be blown away.

    They were.

    Two years later the band toured with Obituary and Sadus, which ended up being the only time I got to see them.

    This album and Chaos A.D. are tied as my favorites by Sepultura; they are just too good for me to pick one. I think the late 80's/early 90's in general was a high point for death and thrash - I still listen to a lot of that stuff almost daily. Can't get enough.

  5. Fuck I love the snapshot for this one! Sweet hesher bro blowing a doob! Thanks!

  6. this album remind me how old I am!!! great band and great album

  7. This album, and Arise are just f-in' brutal records. Probably some of the most brutal thrash I've ever heard. Another great record in the same vein of music is Idolatry by Devastation. If you haven't heard it yet you should definitely check it out.


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