Grindcore is a strange beast for most folks.
In fact, hardly any of my metal-loving friends listen to it as much as I do.
I find it to be very soothing, and - believe it or not - "quite melodic".

The Swedish unit known as Nasum were a force to be reckoned with, and this album by them is one of my favorites of said genre. The production on this one is top-notch - everything sounds so clean. There's a controlled chaos that interjects the madness with some excellent hardcore-fueled riffage. They maintain the energy they have always been known for - along with more vivid tales of human strife - but it's a damn shame that the Tsunami of Xmas 2004 dealt them the final blow in the death of Mieszko.

Thanks for all the great memories, Nasum.

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Nasum - Helvete

*420th. post - just sayin*


  1. Hey dude cool post,

    NASUM were a such a fucking Incredible band. "Human 2.0" was my jam for years after it came out and the song "Corrosion" still makes my heart skip beats. It was really sad to see them cut short so suddenly especially because "Shift" hinted at really great things to come.

  2. I sincerely think that in 20 years they will be remembered as groundbreaking. R.I.P. Mieszko

  3. oh so purty. nasum love...

    verify: grated.

    how appropriate.

  4. helvete was my intro to nasum and to say i was floored is an understatement. i celebrate their entire catalogue.

    one of my favorites of all time.

  5. was totally burning when i read this...

  6. Man I miss this band.
    I could say without too much thinking that they were my fave grindcore oufit. Needless to say what a great loss is Mieszko's death. Not just as a musician, but he was also "the man" to go to record your band's stuff. All fucken' Swedish bands of note recorded their stuff in his studio.

  7. I saw them live at one of their last shows in London. I remember their bassist dripping snot all through the gig. He was bleeding at some point and vomited on the stage too. I was up real close and had to hold back on my headbanging because I was worried I'd get his bodily fluids all over my face. Awesome band.

  8. Ah man, Nausm. First grind band I ever really liked but it was love at first listen. This exact album as well. I would recommend it to anyone who likes metal in any small way.

  9. *takes bong hit in honor of 420th post*

    Man, I totally agree with you re: the soothing qualities of Grindcore (Swarrrm especially does it for me in this regard.)

    Nasum were awesome: r.i.p.


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