Well, it's about fuckin' time those fighting' boys from "America's Finest City" made an appearance here, isn't it?
These guys walked it like they talked it - the majority of the early members never made it out of The Eighties alive, sadly.

Guitarist Chris Smith had a unique approach as far as HC guitar-playing went back then - you either loved it or hated it. Either way, you took notice of what these guys were doing when they came on, and I'm pretty damn sure you got the fuck out of there way when they were doing it.

I would think most of you have this already, but if you don't, now is the time to appreciate this classic hardcore material from the halcyon days of S.D.H.C…

Battalion of Saints - Second Coming

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  1. What a great band. My vinyl of this got warped somehow so the first couple tracks on each side were unplayable. I still listen to these guys all the time. I also really love the Second Coming 7" that came out on Mystic. They play super-fast and that version of the song Second Coming is one of the great hardcore recordings from the 80's. In my humble opinion. & while I'm at it - so is Young Nazis by The Stains off their SST 12" :)

  2. Curious. Does this incarnation of the band include Mario Rubalcaba on drums?

  3. No, I think Mario would have been about 10 years old when this record was made...


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