Everyone who visits here has a favorite era of Voivod (I'm assuming, of course).

I myself was weaned on those first three records in their discography, and it is hard for me to say those aren't my favorite, but when it comes down to it, I pretty much celebrate their entire recorded output.

I have a bunch of muddy-sounding live tapes from The Eighties that will always be some of my favorite musical things to listen to, and while Angel Rat is a record I don't pull out often, the demos for that recording have been quite compelling to these ears as of late. Gone from this one is the icy-screech of bitter cold Canadian thrash; in its place we find a spaced-out & discordant Die Kreuzen-meets-King Crimson vibe.

To put it in layman's terms,it kinda feels like you're riding out an opium high while floating along in arctic waters on a slab of sheered-off glacial ice, per se'…

Voivod - Angel Rat (The Demos).

Link in comments.


  1. Flas Fact - Voivod are the greatest band ever to pick up instruments. ALL Voivod is good, even when it isn't....

    Also - http://www.roadburn.com/2011/08/voivod-to-curate-roadburn-festival-2012/

    OH YEAH.

  2. Just have to say found your blog today while hunting for the some Bloodlet. Awesome awesomeness.

  3. Thank you, Voivod are one of the all time greats, they don't get the credit they are due!!

  4. you can never go wrong with voivod.

  5. I've never even heard this. The Angel Rat demos? Very nice, and thank you muchly.

  6. Link seems to be gone.


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